The PC Building Simulator (from 17.99 € buy), which has been distributed for free in the Epic Games Store as a promo campaign for the shop since Thursday, enjoy great popularity. Until Friday afternoon, the game was downloaded over 2.5 million times. The first million was already reached after only three hours. The game also recorded its highest number of active players, with an increase of 1,500 percent compared to the previous peak (3,883 according to Steamcharts).

The PC Building Simulator originally appeared in 2018 on Steam (first in the Early Access; Release: January 2019). The developers are currently working on a career mode expansion. It should represent the largest extension so far.


The Irregular Corporation: In the PC Building Simulator, your own computer repair company builds up and learns to diagnose, build and repair computers. With real-word, licensed components and simulated software and hardware, you can create your ultimate PC. (. ..) To celebrate the overwhelming request of the fans in the Epic Games Store, we have reduced all DLCs for the PC Building Simulator for the rest of the free game offering. All workshop DLCs are reduced by 10% and the ESPORTS expansion Career Pack is reduced to fabulous 50%. Do not worry if you have already secured a DLC in the Epic Games Store – Anyone who has already acquired one or more DLCs will automatically receive a partial refund to match the expenses to the current price.

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