I Unlocked The Master Rank! Max Power & Ninjutsu! Roblox OP Ninja Simulator
All games were zombies. Many games are still zombies. Now every game is a simulator, that it really simulates something or not. Is Goat Simulator really a goat simulator? Does Surgeon Simulator really simulate surgery? Sometimes it does not matter as long as it s fun. It will always be a question we will have to ask ourselves when Ninja Simulator will come out. Last week, Rockgame published a trailer of his next Ninja Simulator game. Rockgame also has a Cowboy Life Simulator in preparation and it seems that they try to stay in the field of realism for these titles.

Ninja Simulator s trailer does not seem to contain cinematographic sequence. The gameplay is captured under strategic camera angles, so it can show us exactly what we will get. There does not seem to be fantastic elements like the disappearance in a whirlwind of leaves or the use of a shadow clone jutsu, so we could get closer as possible from a simulator of Ninja with this game. Up to What they actually publish real gameplay sequences showing the mechanisms, you should be carefully optimistic about it.

Rockgame seems to be very new on the stage, he joined Twitter only a few months ago. There is no release date set for Ninja Simulator, but you can add it to your wish list on Steam. Ninja Simulator will be available on PC.

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Source: YouTube