Netflix actually stands for inclusion and variety with his program. The broadcasts produced by Netflix are very often treated by such topics and also in the occupation is placed on variety.

But now he complains of Netflix that the company does not live internally in the external principles. The reason for this is the Dave-Chappelle Special added to the program. In his comedy stand-up, the American Comedian, according to Netflix employee, has the trans community and also implies the validity of the trans-his.

Dave Chapelles stand-up programs have always played with controversy and thus a lot of criticism triggered. His new show The Closer is not an exception. The Netflix Internal Trans employee association now demands the deletion of the program from the program.

At the request of the staff Netflix ruled with rejection and refuses to remove the show. In a public Q & A document, Co-CEO Ted Sarandos commented on the questions of his colleagues as follows:

Some of you also asked where we draw the border to hate. We do not leave any titles on Netflix that stalks to hate or violence, and we do not believe that The Closer exceeds this limit. But I realize that the distinction between comment and insult is difficult, especially at stand-up comedy, which is there to exceed limits. Some people feel stand-up comedy as mean, but our customers enjoy them, and it is an important one Part of our content offer.

For Sarandos, cooperation with Dave Chapelle has been very lucrative so far. Chaples Last Special Sticks & Stones was the highest-sighted stand-up on the streaming platform.

In a later memo to his staff, Sarandos still wrote that this will certainly not be the last title, with some questions as to whether you can still love Netflix. We hope that you can be inspired to talk about the world and at the same time living with titles, of which you are convinced that you have nothing to look for Netflix.

In response, the Trans-Employee Association is now planning a company-wide work festival on October 20 to protest against the statements of Ted Sarandos and its refusal to remove the shipment. The Special is certainly not the only reason for such a reaction.

Netflix s Trans-Employee has been meeting executives for years to clarify them on the impact of transphusic content. In the internal conversations, it is often about the fact that directors who have nothing to do with transsexuality will create content about transsexual people. This can often lead to disinformation and more harm than clearing it.

Whether the work fault brings the desired success remains to be seen. Until then, Dave Chapelles show remains available on Netflix.

What do you think that people without a transsexual background are specifically telling stories about it? Write us in the comments!

From Dina Manevich
13.10.2021 at 15:36