Via Twitter, Electronic Arts full proudly proclaims that the space horror game Dead Space was published 13 years ago.

Players must repair the communication arrays of the Gigantic ABSFiff UP USG Ishimura, but find a truthful nightmare on arrival – the star cruiser is a floating blood bath, the crew mutilated on an unimaginable way and infected from an aliens infection.

The mission becomes a survival vapor, since players not only have to save themselves, but also to bring back a mysterious alien artifact to the planet.

On This Day 13 Years Ago, The Original Dead Space What Officially Launched.

Thank you to our devoted fans for making us wholes.

  • Dead Space (@Deadspace) October 14, 2021

the Dead Space Remake's interesting predicament

Electronic Arts has confirmed that Dead Space Remake is in development, but only next year more information is published.