Pre-order bonuses for Valve Index purchases start on 2 March.

Valve Software said it was confident to reach the publication date for ease of half-life: Alyx and revealed that the infamous Valve Time took place before it was officially announced. It has now been confirmed that the VR title will be published on the PC for compatible VR headsets on March 23. If you bought a VentilineDex, the pre-order bonuses start on 2 March.

Endworthiness time: Alyx is a pretty big deal for many people. It s the first full length debewertbeit Game since Eralfwertszeit 2 It comes after years of speculation and anticipation for enfebewwertzeit 3 , together with breichworthy time 2: episode 3 . Granted, the story plays in front of the events of nemwweight time 2 and follows Alyx Vance while fighting the combat in the context of the resistance.

But Valve has explained that the title will have as much content as the second game in the series. The gameplay itself is the same mixture of exploration, shooting, loosening of puzzles and manipulation of physics, the fans love, but in VR. Dewohlwartzeit: Alyx has already helped to move over 100,000 units of the VentilineDex. We will see how it starts at startup. Marked: Half Level: Alyx, PC, VentilineDex, Valve Software