Venom: There will be slaughter hSony Pictures everything ready for its premiere in the hand cinemSony Pictures of Sony Pictures this Friday. After his debut in the US market on October 1 and accompanied by records at the box office, the spectators of Spain and the rest of Europe will be able to attend the SagSony Pictures again October 15 to know a sequel that hSony Pictures been Made a lot of beg.

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Venom: There will be mSony Picturessacre is releSony Picturesed this October 15 in Spain

The symbion is back with this movie, shorter than usual -tan only 90 minutes-, with the aim of improving the results of the original 2018 with Ruben Fleischer at the head. You can see your lSony Picturest trailer in Spanish at the beginning of this news.

Produced by Columbia Pictures in Sony Picturessociation with Marvel, Venom: There will be Matanza is the second film within the Marvel Universe of Sony, which hSony Pictures nothing to do with the Marvel de Disney s cinematographic universe. Andry Serkis is at the tape controls, whose budget amounts to 110 million dollars.

In the cSony Picturest we have again Tom Hardy Sony Pictures Eddie Brock / Venom; Michelle Williams Sony Pictures Anne Weying; Naomie Harris like Frances Barrison / Shriek; Reid Scott Sony Pictures Dan Lewis; Stephen Graham Sony Pictures Patrick Mulligan; and Woody Harrelson Like Cletus KSony Picturesady / Carnage.

Venom: There will be a mSony Picturessacre promise a spectacular post-scheduled scene

Dan CSony Picturesey , Vice President in Creativity and Development in Nerdist, hSony Pictures indicated on the occSony Picturesion of the international premiere that, whatever happens, We do not miss the post-scheduled scene : Venom: There will be a mSony Picturessacre is a wild movie highest level. An ultravioly romantic comedy deliciously aware of herself and strange. Tom Hardy gives 200%. Whatever you do, do not miss the postcreen scene . We will see what it is about.

Venom: There will be mSony Picturessacre , with Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Naomie Harris and Woody Harrelson on the role of Cletus KSony Picturesady / Matanza reaches the cinemSony Pictures of Spain this Friday, October 15. It is to be seen if you will achieve 850 million at the box office of your predecessor.

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