The Launch Trailer at Call of Duty Vanguard is already there, although the game will only appear on 5 November 2021. He s true on the release and also reveals the time to get started. We provide you with all the important information.

It starts at this time

It s about it: On the 5th of November it s time: you can get started with COD Vanguard. You also want to stand punctually in the starting blocks as soon as the game is available? Fortunately, the times are already known.

Start at midnight: Time announced in the Launch Trailer is only relevant for console fans in North America. For everyone else, so too for us, it starts loud gamespot on the 5th of November at midnight of our time. The magazine reports that this is the startup time for all consoles.

Here you can watch the trailer:

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Trailer agrees on Vanguard

The musical accompaniment in the trailer comes from Jack White from the White Stripes. It is the new single Taking Me Back . The 30-second trailer once again presents the WW2 setting and is right onto the campaign, multiplayer throughout 20 maps and zombie mode developed by the SisterStudio Treyarch.

In addition, the trailer reminds that Vanguard is again linked to the Battle Royale Warzone. This time was even stronger than cold.

Are you directly programming an alarm for the Startup time or are you completely relaxing?