Gertrude Stein (Allegheny, February 3, 1874 – Neuilly-sur-Seine; July 27, 1946) was an American writer of novels, poetry and theater. Stein is considered a pioneer of modernist literature. The work of her broke with the linear narrative and the temporal conventions of the nineteenth century. Stein was also known as an important collector of modern art. In 1933, Stein published the memories of her from Paris, The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, written from the point of view of Toklas, her life partner. The book became a Best-Seller, transforming Stein s relative literary darkness into a cult figure to the light that gained general attention. [1]

Soulash (2021) - World Conquering Evil Fantasy Roguelike RPG
Little Leo Games has published the Steam Store page of Dice & Deck Building-type Rogelike ASTREA: Six-Sided OracleS . In this work, it became one of the six oracle s one of the six oracle, and fights with the fallen enemy and goddess while making full use of the deck composed of dice, and will be on the adventure to save the star system. Hundreds of dice is the key to battle. You can build decks with a wide variety of dies, such as those with high safety and balanced ones, and high-risk high-ritron effects. You can also enjoy a high strategic battle, such as Sentinel and a wealth of items that support the effects of dice, including the effects of Oracle, as well as the effects of Oracle. ASTREA: SIX-SIDED ORACLES is scheduled to be delivered for PC (STeam). In addition, the release date is undecided.