Shortly after the Uncharted trailer Sony Playstation released a Behind-the-Scenes video for Gran Turismo 7 . Here Kazunori Yamauchi talks about the automotive culture and how to experience them in the upcoming racing simulation. The Japanese is responsible for the management of Polyphony Digital and has launched the world-famous racing game series 24 years ago. He also worked for several years as a professional racer.

He refers to the car as one of the most beautiful industrial products . These high-performance machines to control the human limits exceed are an important part of the automotive culture.

Yamauchi points out that there are so many unique vehicles in the world. Collecting these and commitment is the next part. The performance of the car can be increased by a wide variety of tuning options or the driving style can be adjusted. He holds the car culture for a very multifaceted matter .

A comprehensive gaming experience

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With Gran Turismo 7 , Yamauchi promises a comprehensive title that can be played in different ways. Whether you like to pass through the area, the vehicle design in the editor or spectacular photos shoots: all these are elements of upcoming racing game experience.

The iconic campaign mode will return with the new offshoot. In the GT Café you take care of your car collection. By contrast, GT Auto serves to tune your vehicles while optical adjustments are made in the revised paint editor.

An arcade mode for entertaining entertainment is included. This is the only mode you can play offline. In the other game modes, thanks to the permanent internet connection was to be prevented.

The publication is planned for March 4,2022. On this day Gran Turismo 7 should be published for PS5 and PS4. However, the cross-platform release should not affect the quality.

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