Sony launched a new PS5 update this morning, and like the previous update of the console on October 7, nobody knows what this update does, and nobody knows what this update does because Sony has refused to go into detail about exactly What it does and what does not do the update. What to do / instead of providing specific details As do so, Sony simply points out that updating system software improves system performance. And according to Sony, this is all the new update does.

As you will know, rarely an update only improves the performance of the system. For example, Nintendo launched many updates without saying anything about updating, except that it improves system performance only so that data miners discover that the update was preparing the console for new functions that were added with a later update. At the time of publication, data miners have not discovered anything interesting about this particular update, but if that changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

Meanwhile, get ready to download the new update when you start the PS5. Fortunately, because it is so small, the download should take little or no time, especially compared to the most solid previous updates.

One thing that we know that the update does not do is solve one of the biggest problems of the console that Sony said it solved in February, but recently the problem has returned from the tomb.

Sony has just launched the PS5 update 21.02-!
The previous version was [email protected] @ silicone ps5updatechecker

  • PS5FWBOT (@ FWPS5) October 20, 2021

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