In case you were not aware, Russia announced that in October of this year they would be carrying out filming for the film Challenge , an ambitious feature film that will be fully engraved in space. Well, it seems that everything came out according to the plan, since the production team has already managed to return healthy and except for the land .

YULIDA PERSILD, Actriz Ruza, and Klim Shipenko , director of this movie, returned to our planet aboard the spacecraft Soyuz MS-18 , which managed to land successfully in the steppes of Kazakhstan at 09: 35am on October 17.

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Peresild and Shipenko were accompanied by Anton Shkaplerov , a Russian cosmonaut with lots of experience that helped them throughout this trip. Now that they have returned to the land , those involved will return to Russia to continue their work in this film, which is said to be focused on a surgeon sent to space to rescue an astronaut of the international space station.

Editor s note: Let s remember that NASA is also working on a movie with Tom Cruise , which will be filmed in the International Space Station , so once again , Russia and the United States are competing, although this time, much more peaceful.

Via: IGN