The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of horror video games and interactive survival developed by SuperMassive Games and edited by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The series was created with Man of Medan in 2019, followed by Little Hope and House of Ashes. A fourth game The Devil in me is in development.

The next access in the Dark Pictures Anthology has been revealed. It is called The Devil in Me and works as the very first period s finale.

This one is specifically scary, as the storyteller, relatively the villain, discuss just how regardless of what one of the most stunning thing an individual has developed, it pales in comparison to watching someone bleed to death. It then changes to showing a few scenes from the upcoming title, such as a lady being stuck in a chamber as well as unable to take a breath while another individual is watching from outside, defenseless. There s additionally another scene with a male banging on a fence, yelling.

The narrator claims that seeing people are afraid for their lives is real art, as well as the trailer shows a corpse being animated by a device, manipulating different body components to copy activities like smoking cigarettes and also talking.

The Devil in Me is the fourth video game in the collection, as well as additionally the Season 1 ending. This suggests that there will certainly be a 2nd season with more games being available in the future. It s presently unidentified when the video game will launch, yet it will presumably release at some time in 2022.

The most recent entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology, Residence of Charcoals, launches on October 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and also Xbox Collection X