One of the great surprises of PlayStation 5 is your DualSense command , which marks a before and after within Sony consoles. It has fully unique functions and features.

Even though it is a great command, you may prefer an alternative if you are a professional player or like to personalize the game experience to your liking. In this case, your choice is in SCUF .

The brand of accessories and products for Gamers, owned by Corsair, is working on the first Dualsense Pro for PS5 . Do you remember the Xbox Elite controls? Well this is the closest thing.

Announced to launch last summer, we finally know when this PRO command will arrive at stores . He has confirmed the official SCUF account on Twitter.

It s happening.

  • Scuf (@scufgaming) October 21, 2021

It will be next month of November when the Dualsense Pro of Scuf Land in the main shops, providing a new experience for all PS5 players.

Due to the difficult situation we live (product of semiconductor scarcity), the company has had to face a series of problems in recent months , and for that reason has delayed launching the command.

SCUF has apologized with all users in this statement, stating that In the next few weeks they will give more information of their Dualsense Pro for PS5.

Specifically, this spectacular command for PlayStation 5 will be launched in mid-November, still without an exact date . Nor is the price and other details / features are not known.

The great advantage of the SCUF controls is its great versatility and customization capacity. You can change both the joystick and the configuration of the cams, which we find in the rear.

Do you have curiosity to see an image? In the capture of the SCUF statement you can see How Dualsense Pro looks for PS5 . The black color and orange touches will be their main identity hallmarks.

This awaited Dualsense Pro de Scuf will land at the stores next November, and we recommend you give it a chance if you want to personalize your game experience in PS5.

Source: SCUF.