The fight between Sony and the accessories dealer Dbrand goes to the next round. After the dealer offered black Sideplates for the PS5, Sony threatened them with consequences. On October 15, Dbrand took the Sideplates because of their website – just to publish a new design now.

What happened so far: Already since the release of the PS5 accessories dealers have tried to offer SidePlates for the console in different colors. Sony is quite swift against these providers and always threatened legal steps.

For example, this met the dealer Customize My Plates, who was already warned by Sony before his products were even on the market.

Most dealers followed this request and gave up quickly. But it went that a small, slightly crazy Internet dealer for accessories decided to easily ignore it. Dbrand continued even further and provoked the console manufacturer targeted.

His designs for black Sideplates even spread over Twitter, with the promissory: Get one before Sony s lawyers do it!

One applied the product active, provocative and distributed some tips against the design of Sony. The offer could actually hold a good 8 months, until Sony decided to move.

New SidePlate design is back and you think you re sure

What happened now? DBRAND responded to a threat of Sony on October 15 and took his previous SidePlate designs from the offer. Again, you could not resist another provocation.

That was apparently already a wink with the fence post, because already four days later, the dealer returns with a new design of the PS5 Sideplates.

This time, you have announced great lane to be sure of Sony s demands. Because the console manufacturer has set certain conditions that must comply with such a product so as not to be considered intellectual property of Sony.

Which points call Sony? These are the conditions:

Immediate and permanent setting of all marketing and advertising measures for faceplates, which have the product configuration of the PSS faceplates from you [Sony Interactive Entertainment] or similar product configuration, and setting the global sales of these faceplates, including and without limitation of all faceplates currently At Dbrand. COM stand for sale;
Immediate and permanent setting of all marketing and advertising measures for products or packaging with the PlayStation family brand, the modified shape mark design, another PlayStation brand or other sign of you as well as hiring the global sales of these products or packaging; and
Immediate and permanent setting of worldwide use of the PlayStation brands, similar brands and other brands, brandings or hallmarks associated with them or their affiliated companies, including, but not limited to product names, and redemption of this use.

But first you look at the new design, then you can think about whether the conditions have been met:

Whether one really complies with these points, it can be discussed about it. Dbrand seems to be set to another conflict. So the dealer concludes itself:

Will Sony be followed by [us] a Probably. The difference is this time we have created an original design for which you have no foundation to accuse an injury. If you want to try it, you should be better willing to pay our legal fees.


Whether self-confidence is justified will certainly be shown in the future. Ultimately, such issues of intellectual property are very complex.

After Taunting Sony To Sue, Dbrand Pull PS5 Black Plates From Store

The new design is definitely successful now and the first wave of pre-orders apparently already outed.

But what do you think about the topic? Do you find that Sony is in the case in the case? Or is you rather on the part of Dbrand?