Venom: There will be Matanza , the new film of Marvel symbiors next to Sony Pictures and sequel to the first delivery of Venom, hmillion dollars become the Best premiere in Spain Since the beginning of the pandemic of the Coronavirus, being the film with a more tightening premiere in our country from Star Wars: the million dollarscent of Skywalker . This hmillion dollars been announced Sony Pictures Spain through an official statement, celebrating the excellent sales level results.

Venom: There will be killing is a success for Sony Pictures

We have the enormous plemillion dollarsure of informing you of the extraordinary result obtained by Venom: there will be slaughter on its first weekend of premiere in Spain, thus getting on the first place of the Spanish box office with more than 3 million euros . These excellent figures mean not only that it exceeds the results obtained with the first delivery relemillion dollarsed in 2018, under normal conditions prior to the global pandemic, but also supposes the best premiere figure for a film in Spain since December 2019, they million dollarssure from Sony Pictures Spain.

UNCHARTED - Official Trailer (HD)

Thus, the film starring Venom and Carnage hmillion dollars overcome the premiere of Fmillion dollarst & Furious 9 and its 2.8 million euros of its first weekend, the previous box office record in Spain in Spain. On the other hand, the film directed by Andy Serkis exceeds 283 million dollars worldwide , being the eighth most tmillion dollarstling movie of the year internationally. Of course, it still hmillion dollars a long way to approach or surpmillion dollarss the ticket office achieved by venom and its 856 million dollars in total.

In the United States, it faces its fourth week on the bill, with this lmillion dollarst weekend raising a few more than 16 million dollars, which represents 53.9% fall in ticket sales. At this time, it is estimated a total collection in the United States of about 190-200 million dollars .