Alliance 21 / RRP (in German: Bündnis 21 / RRP) was a German political party, founded on August 25, 2007 under the name of retirees and retirees (German: Rentnerinnen-und Rentner-Partei, RRP). On September 15, 2012, the party decided to change its name to the current one. [2] It was dissolved in May 2016.

Update 13:30 clock: The TV is already sold out.

The 4K TV Sony 55x85j you can get at Amazon just 699 euros (RRP: 1,299 euros). According to comparison platforms, the model published in June 2021 has never been so favorable, according to Idealo, the cheapest price was 797.47 euros. At Amazon, the 55-inch version is just even cheaper than the 50-inch variant, whose price is 855.04 euros.

Sony 55x85j (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) for 699 € (RRP: 1,299 €) at Amazon

The offer has surfaced spontaneously and does not seem to be part of any bigger action. How long it persists is Amazon s secret.

What does the Sony X85j offer?

Picture: The Sony X85j is a middle class 4k TV from 2021. Through its VA display, it offers a very high contrast and it reaches almost double top brightness like low-budget TVs. Like all the current 4K TVs of Sony, it also has the Triluminos technique for better color representation comparable to QLED technology or LGS Nanocell technique. However, it is quite angle-dependent and compared to the expensive Sony X90J is missing in Full Array Local Dimming.

Gaming: The INPUT lays the Sony X85J very well, with about 6 ms at 120 Hz and a good 15 ms at 60 Hz. In this regard, he is even better than the X90j, which at 11 ms with 120 Hz and 18 ms with 60 Hz. The Sony X85j has two HDMI-2.1 ports that make gaming in 4k with up to 120 fps with the PS5 or Xbox Series X possible. However, it can occasionally come to losses in the image quality that do not occur at the Sony X90J. You can learn more here:

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Operating system: The Sony X85j is a Google TV, ie almost the new generation of Android TVs. The Google Play Store is integrated, over this you have an excellent app selection. The operation is largely comfortable and there are many settings options.

Sony 55x85j (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) for 699 € (RRP: 1,299 €) at Amazon

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