Surely many remember the culebrón that mounted Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios Immediately after the premiere of Spider-Man: away from home.

The agreement that allows Marvel to make use of Spider-Man in Marvel s cinematographic universe seemed broken definitively, with Sony taking the character as a ball and turning home.

One of the reasons for that dispute that transcended the offices and caused a lot of stir was the distribution of benefits of the film, which harvested more than a billion dollars at the box office.

Finally, both companies reached a new agreement that included a new film, tape that will arrive this year under the title of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As expected, some rumors have suggested that the premiere of the new movie of Tom Holland and Benedict CumberBatch could cause a new drama.

Speaking with Empire (via comicbook), Kevin Feige has submitted importance to these rumors, trusting that neither he nor the fans will return to live that roller coaster of emotions.

After the new agreement, in addition to a more equitable distribution of profits, it was agreed that Sony could refer to the UCM in his films as Venom: there will be slaughter.

And we should not forget that Sony Pictures is building its own universe of Spider-Man with villains and auxiliary trepamurian characters.

Morbius will soon: the living vampire and Kraven the hunter to expand this universe centered, for now, in the Villains of Spider-Man.

Some recent statements have suggested that Spider-Man: No Way Home could be the end of cycle for the iteration of Tom Holland, although the UCM will probably fight to preserve Spidey on the redil.

Next December 17, 2021 will arrive Spider-Man: No Way Home to the cinema halls of our country, with Peter Parker and Dr. Strange prepared to face multiple villains.