After Knockout City was announced as PS plus game for November 2021 and was also talked about the official Sony pages next to the PS4 version by a PS5 version, the official confirmation does not solve no surprise: The title receives a PS5 upgrade.

The PS5 upgrade should be published in the coming week on 2 November 2021. Existing customers do not have to pay anything. That means: If you already have the PS4 version of the title, you can upgrade to the PS5 counterpart for free.

two ps5 modes come

PS5 players have the choice after upgrading from Knockout City whether you want to play with higher resolution or frame rate. This makes this a new option in the Settings menu.

In Quality mode you will receive a prowere graphic with native 4K resolution at 60 fps.
In Power Mode runs the game with 1440p, highly scaled to 4k and with frame rates up to 120 fps.

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It should be noted, of course, that the mentioned performance values ​​can only be achieved with TVs or monitors that support this resolution or frame rate.


Also today a new event for Knockout City was confirmed. In Royale Rumble, the focus is on the time-limited playlist Ko Royale. In this mode, eight players occur in each-counter-any session, including shrinking danger zone.

In contrast to the other every-counter-every game list, there is no direct resption in Ko Royale when a player bites into the grass. Instead, he has to watch until the end of the round. Winner a round received a crown. After two crowns, a player comes out as a match winner. More details about the new event find your on the official PlayStation Blog.

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