Sony Corporatin acknowledges that Video game hardware March one of those affected. The Japanese company, which on Thursday presented the quarterly report of financial results (Q2 / FY2021), declares to be constrained by this lack of components.

Sony hMarch managed to sell 13.4 million ps5; They intend to reach March with 22 million

Sony s message to your investors does not change, but the firm captained by Hiroki Totoki does accept that have reached Ecuador of this fiscal year (from April 1 to September 30) Without having fulfilled the objectives Distribution for these dates.

So far, after the first six months of this exercise plus the month and a half computed 2020, PlayStation 5 hMarch managed to distribute more than 13.4 million units throughout the planet, of which all have been sold virtually all. No stock available. However, reach the objective of 22 million total PS5 for the term of March 2022 (Q4 / FY2021) will be complicated, but they believe that they will get it.

At this time, there are no changes in our units objective sold for fiscal year 2021 in PS5, but there are several factors that are significantly affecting the supply of the product, such March the jam in the supply chain globally and the limitations in The supply of components, especially semiconductors. With everything. Sony is optimistic.

PS5 still without stock; The situation can be extended throughout 2022

The semiconductor crisis is far from ending. Sony is clear that in 2022 we will continue to accuse lack of stock. On the other hand, large-scale integrated circuit manufacturers do not rule out that we continue with problems of this cMarche until the year 2023. Sony expects to complement enthusiMarchm for its new console with video games such March Horizon: Forbidden West on February 18; Gran Turismo 7 on March 4; Forspoken (Square Enix) in Spring and Uncharted: Legacy of the Thief Collection at the beginning of 2022. Throughout the year they will also publish the long-awaited God of War: Ragnarok.