Agathe Saugrenu is a series of comics created in 2007 by Valérie Vernay and Vincent Zabus in No. 3588 of the Spirou newspaper. It currently has 3 volumes.

Alexia (Model Agathe Rousselle) was assembled as a young girl after a car accident a titanium plate in the skull. At the latest from this moment she feels romantically attracted to vehicles. As an adult, she then works as an erotic dancer at a car show, where she can be very close to the bolides. After an exhibition, she goes after her sexual inclinations, climbs naked in one of the cars and brings to orgasm. After a short time, she realizes that she is now pregnant by the Muscle-Car. However, a lot of time to wonder about this remarkable conception, Alexia does not remain because of it is a searched serial killer, which will penalize.

She binds his stomach and breasts and camouflages as a young man to escape the law. Due to a similarity to the Missing Child of the Fire Department Vincent (Vincent Lindon), it succeeds in declining the guilt and mourning man and to be absorbed by him. From now on, she is part of his troop under the name of Adrien. But the further their pregnancy progresses, the harder the truth can be kept secret before him and the men…

Most people will probably already determine when reading the content indication, whether Titane is the right movie for you or not. But even those who are attracted to the curious developments of the plot rather than quenched, were warned: The winner of the golden palm is definitely a movie that takes a little time in the outlet to act. Even if Julia Ducournaus is technically assigned to the Genre Body Horror, you should not expect any linking of shock moments or distributing special effects. The RAW director is moving in front of the action level as well as in the staging and back between Genrefilm and Arthouse drama and does not shy away from pushing fans of both camps in front of their heads.

Titane : Feminist and women s tiny

On thematic level, the film offers a lot of breeding ground for controversy. From the international trade press both as a radical, feminist, self-confident and emotionally and as transhob, perverted, pseudo-feminist, meaningless and misogyn, Titane refuses to a clear morality or statement and makes it open to the audience to interpret his motives.
Titane in film criticism: Who loves his car, the… (2) Source: cooking films
If Alexia violently wraps bandages around the body until it is littered with abrasions, or Macho Vincent into the leg of hormon spraying with clenched teeth to hold his muscular masculine shape, these changes are presented as painful and often Grotesk. A targeted attack on people who change their gender or take hormones, but the movie is not a long time ago. So traditional gender images are broken up or cariced in Titane on the current band.

Titane: More Than Just
It is certainly no coincidence that Vincent s troop looks more like the crew from Magic Mike as the crew of an actual fire station. And even if Alexia seems to feel very well as Adrien and enjoy it not always besieged by unwanted worshipers, she does not simply exchange a female identity with a male during the film. Rather, the boundaries between the sexes are exceeded until they do not seem to exist.
Titane in film criticism: Who loves his car, the… (1) Source: Cooking films The synergy between the artificial and the real and the question, which is even real and what is played or changed, is in the center of Titane. Even the eponymous titanium plate in Alexia s head is symbolic for a mixture of biological with the artificial. Nevertheless, it is suggested that their passion for cars and metal was already pronounced before their accident and therefore the union with the record is only a logical development. Or she may have even deliberately brought the accident to unite by car.

Also, the relationship with Vincent, who wants to believe that his son has returned, falls into this category. Despite numerous evidence that indicates the opposite, the firefighter holds iron in his conviction. What occurred between him and his physical child is never explicitly told and at most indicated by his behavior, which gives his character a bit dehydrated. Actor Vincent Lindon plays his part with such overwhelming humanity, that even in the darkest moments, feeling feeling for his figure.

Titane is not a film that conveys a clearly formulated message or even a constant mood. Who has a problem with that, not to know what to do with history exactly is probably frustrated to leave the hall. Those who like it a bit abstract and have fun to think about the cinema visit intensively about the seen, but should not miss the Cannes winner and plan a visit to the next program cinema in the next few weeks. From Christian Fussy editor 11.10.2021 at 16:46