Phone call of Task: Vanguard is an approaching 2021 first-person shooter video game created by Sledgehammer Gamings and released by Activision. It is scheduled to be released worldwide on November 5, 2021, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X and S. It acts as the 18th installation in the overall Call of Obligation series. Vanguard develops a storyline featuring the birth of the special forces to face an arising hazard at the end of the battle throughout various theaters of World Battle II.

The NewCall of Duty: Vanguard celebrates its release on 05. November and if you need more information before buying, you will find a collection with many details for download, content and innovations in the game.

Call of Duty brings with COD: Vanguard already the 18th main part of the shooter series out. The franchise relies on quick battles, lots of action and the merciless fight soldier vs. Soldier.

If you play with the thought of buying Vanguard or seeking all the important information at a glance, then you are right here. Meinmmo introduces you 10 things that are important to the release.

1. Everything about the release time, download, costs

When does Vanguard start? That depends on your platform. For the consoles the game will be on 05.11. Released at 00:00 and can be started. From 05:00 in the morning you can start Vanguard on the PC.

How much does the new COD? PC player come slightly cheaper and need 10, – Euro less for the corresponding editions on the table. Overall, you can choose between 3 editions:

Standard edition: 59,99 € (PC); 69,99 € (PlayStation and Xbox)
Cross-Gen Edition: 79,99 € (PlayStation and Xbox only)
Ultimate edition: 99,99 € (PC); 109,99 € (PlayStation and Xbox)
Experienced here which edition is worthwhile for you

How big is the download? Again, your platform decides on the size of the download:

PlayStation 5
Download: 64.13 GB
Free memory for download: 89.84 GB
PlayStation 4
Download: 54.65 GB
Free memory for download: 93.12 GB
Xbox One
Download: 56.6 GB
Xbox Series S | X
Download: 61 GB
61 GB of memory required

You can read more about the system requirements on the PC here:

2 . Pay attention to your edition when buying for console

What should be considered at the editions? There are different versions of Vanguard on the console and you should pay close attention to the right one for you.

For example, players on the NEX gene consoles need the cross-gen edition when you buys the digital version to benefit from the advantages of better graphics and performance. Also possible is the purchase of a disc edition for the Next-Gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. These versions then do not work on PS4 or Xbox One.

Are you still changing to the new consoles and starts only with a last-gene console, we always recommend the digital versions – they can be upgraded without problems for a surcharge.

But do not get the disc version of the Xbox One! It can not be upgraded. The disc version of the PS4, on the other hand.

3 . Return to the Second World War

Which setting offers Vanguard? The COD of 2021 goes back to the origin of the series and it is fighting for the freedom of humanity during the Second World War.

Whether in the multiplayer or the campaign: you will experience many fronts at different times of war and almost passed over the entire globe. There are locations for:

Western Front – France
Ostfront – Russia
Pacific Front
Africa front
Germany and Alps

It is always about holding the nastically Nazis from their plans of world domination – this also applies to the zombie mode in which their armored Undead responds to overrun Europe.

4 . 3 large game modes – campaign, multiplayer, zombies

With which game modes is Vanguard? Like its two predecessors, Vanguard also relies on the Trinity of Solo, PVP and Koop content.

What is there for solo players? There is a story campaign in which you will receive the history of the very first specialty unit. She slips into the role of various allied soldiers, who will first get to know each other individually and then accompanies on the hunt for a unfriendly Nazi officer.

A first insight into the gameplay gives a 9-minute mission trailer:

What is there for PVP players? Core of Vanguard is again the great multiplayer mode. In short battles, you fight with almost 40 different weapons and many different equipments around every kill. The maps are distributed on different locations everywhere in the world.

Further information about the multiplayer can be found here:

What is there for Koop players? Do you prefer NPCs, then the zombie mode will meet you. Here you fight through great hordes of undead and find out either how long your survival can be survived or what secrets hide on the first map The beginning.

More about Zombie mode is here:

5 . The biggest innovations from Vanguard

What s different at COD this year? The payment titles of Vanguard appear every year every year and the developers always try to create something unique to make them particularly reminiscent of a title. Vanguard also sets some changes:

Weaponsmith with 10 attachments
Anti-cheat system Ricochet
Revised zombie mode
World War Setting
Combat Pacing
Adapted movement
Operator progress
Destructible Level elements
Large amount of release content
New standard mode patrol
Return of the Killstreaks

This is an overview of the most important adjustments. If you want more information about the individual points, then look here:


How much content offers Vanguard to release? In contrast to the two predecessors Black Ops Cold was and Modern Warfare, Vanguard with Content for Release.

It can not be assessed how big the campaign and zombie mode will be. But the numbers of multiplayer speak a clear language:

20 maps at the start
Of which 16 6VS6 maps
Almost 40 weapons to release
8 standard modes

In stuff 6VS6 maps, Vanguard is just about the double amount compared to the predecessor Cold was. An overview with all maps, weapons and modes we have prepared for you here:

7 . New anti-cheat system Ricochet

What has it with the anti-cheat? Cheaters and hackers have been a plague of Call of Duty for years and with the large, free Battle Royale Warzone moved further into the focus.

With Vanguard, the COD makers virtually revise the complete security infrastructure in the background and also enter a kernel driver for PC players, which runs in the background. Ricochet consists of several parts:

Servers-side analysis tools
Improved examination processes
Increasing account security
Kernel drivers on the PC

However, the kernel driver comes first for the warzone and releasing Vanguard only the first three points of the list go online. More answers about the anti-cheat and the driver for the PC can be found here:

8th. Benefits for PlayStation Players

What advantages have players on a PlayStation? As in recent years, PlayStation players get smaller benefits, but there is no exclusive mode more on the Sony consoles:

The Battle Pass Bundle gives you 25 step jumps instead of 20
For PS-plus members, there is a bundle with exclusive cosmetics every month for free
In a PlayStation Player Party, you will receive 25% more Weapon EP
Monthly there are 24-hour double XP events
2 additional load-out places for equipments

Incidentally, the free Cosmetics also work in Battle Royale Warzone. Information about the current package of the Season 6 of Cold was here:

VANGUARD: The 19 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before Launch...

9 . Warzone gets the Vanguard Engine and New Map

How are Warzone and Vanguard together? The Battle Royale Warzone remains the link between the annual Cod titles. The live Seasons run parallel and at the same time bring content for Vanguard and Warzone. However, the cooperation continues even further and Warzone even takes over the graphic engine of Vanguard.

However, there are even more similarities:

All Vanguard weapons come to Warzone
Vanguard s cosmetics also work in Warzone
Joint progress system

There is also a completely new map for the Battle Royale at the start of Season 1 from Vanguard on 02. December. With the start of Caldera the setting of Warzone changes and from a city in the Cold War will be a green island in the Pacific.

How the gameplay changes concrete after the changeover is not quite clarified yet. More information about the topic can be found in the following articles:

Pictures and release of the new map Caldera
5 Important changes when Warzone and Vanguard Fusion
View of the map and important landing places

The trailer to start the joint story of Vanguard and Warzone we bind you here:

10 . So it goes on after the release

What happens after the release of Vanguard? The new COD will be supplied with fresh, free content for about a year. There will be new maps for the multiplayer, new adventures for zombie mode and a Battle Pass, with which you can play over 100 items for just under 10 euros.

Part of the Battle Pass are also new weapons that you get without additional costs if you are the passport to the appropriate level. In general, gameplay relevant are completely free, only for Cosmetics you have to reach extra in your pocket.

The first live season goes online on December 2nd. Even before, however, the 17. 6VS6 Map comes into play – the vanguard version of shipment. More about the plan after the release to the first season including roadmap you will find here. After the release weekend will show how the new Call of Duty arrives at the players. Especially the setting made in the idea of a lot of skepticism and is for many even a reason to omit Vanguard. What is your current purchase opposite? We like to read your comments on the latest part of the series and why you have decided for or against a purchase. If you prefer to read something about why you should still keep an eye on Vanguard as a COD fan, even if the setting does not like you, click here: COD Vanguard: Fans complain about the reason that s the new cod for me really good power