As the club announced today Tuesday, the minus of the financial year 2020/21 amounts to 4.7 million euros. In 2019/20, the deficit still had 6.7 million euros. In addition to cost reductions, it is mainly due to state corona aids (just under 11 million euros) and earnings from the sale of the stadium property (14.6 million euros) that losses failed. These measures have been elementary, so Frank Weinstein, but also because these two special effects do not come up again, the CFO of HSV Football AG again expects financial losses for the current season.

TMC's FY2022 2Q Financial Results Press Briefing
Sales declined by 41.7 percent by 2020/21, while Hamburgers were still €95.7 million in the last financial year, it was only 55.8 million euros in this. The main responsibility for this are the corona-added ghost games, which ensured that the revenues from the game operation almost completely incur, from 22.1 million to 600,000 euros. However, HSV was able to reduce its debts to €6.6 million despite the deficit to 51.2 million euros. Since March 2020, our priority focus was on the securing liquidity, says Weinstein.