Petrarch, the free and open source application designed to assist you handle emulators, media playback and more has a few extra emulator cores readily available currently on Steam.

Cores are basically the modules that Petrarch goes to do things, like run different emulators. The Vapor release for Petrarch is a little various to the normal variation. As opposed to getting these cores straight in the application, they re being set up as private DLC to download and install.

Just recently the group placed these up:

How to install additional cores in RetroArch on Steam - including PCSX2

Blasted – SEGA Genesis/ Mega Drive emulator.
Snes9x – SNES emulator.
Resume – Nintendo DS emulator.
Estonia – NEW emulator.
Flypast – Sega Dream cast, Naomi and Atomiswave emulator.
PPS SPP – Sony PSP emulator.

Currently, a few of them do not have the Linux develops available but the Petrarch group stated to anticipate them soon.

Be honest — the amount of you will be loading all this up on the Vapor Deck? Going to be an absolutely great gadget for emulation followers and getting on Steam ought to ideally make it pain-free to start.

Write-up extracted from cores.