Since today, players and players with early access can already explore the new (and old) battlefields of Battlefield 2042. Many of them are probably already noticed: an important communication feature is missing.

A core element drawing through the entire Battlefield series are the squads. So in Battlefield 2042 in the quadruple teams, both in the All-out Warfare and Hazard Zone modes as well as parts of portal. So that Squads work effectively, good communication is important. This works in Battlefield 2042 via Pings, a selection of commands and statements about the Common Rose and of course the voice chat. The latter leaves Battlefield 2042 but still miss.

Battlefield 2042: For launch without voice chat

There is not an In game voice chat for the launch of Battlefield 2042 yet. Of course, there are instead on the PC Tools like Discord or Team speak and also on the consoles of Sony and Microsoft there are integrated voice chat systems. If you play a lot with friends and girlfriends, usually uses the external possibilities. If you are the most common solo on the way, are the communication possibilities but now clearly limited.

In the all-out warfare variants conquest and breakthrough, the missing voice chat is not quite as dramatic and the existing possibilities are enough to play with a squad from strangers. In these modes a lost fire tab means only the re-entry, which looks very different in Hazard Zone.

Hazard Zone lives from the squad gameplay

Crossplay Parties Useless | Battlefield 2042 Gameplay Missing Feature
In Hazard Zone, a lost fire battle can often directly mean the end of the round. This gives much of the deserved credits and also lost the equipment purchased for the round. Two squads with the same playful skills more wins the team with better communication. For a mode that turns the entire gameplay around single squads, a voice chat is essential. The rudimentary ping system is simply not precise enough and in the context of the time pressure of the mode and the fact that everyone is your enemy, it needs a quick and effective communication tool.


Battlefield 2042 in the test: three for the price of one? A preliminary conclusion

Daniel Hartmann

Why a so basic multiplayer feature is missing in Battlefield 2042 is unknown. However, DICE has already announced to deliver the voice chat. Since today (12 November) Battlefield 2042 is already playable in the Early Access. The right launch is done on 19 November.