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World Champion Jürgen Kohler has criticized the DFB Director Oliver Bailiff in the vaccine debate for the German national team. I can not understand the DFB and above all Oliver Bailiff. That he does not just show clear edge and says that only carved players are nominated, said the 56-year-old Sport1 -Podcast My Bayern Week.

In order to prevent a renewed situation like that on Tuesday, as in addition to the positive tested Niklas Sure four more national players were sent in quarantine, Kohler for a clear 2G rule at the caster domination for a clear 2G rule.

You can not force a person, said the World Champion of 1990, Nevertheless, the DFB should clearly communicate that players who are not purified in the future should not be nominated and not participating in a World Cup.

That Gimmick had made his concerns publicly, Kohler finds sympathetic, but also Gimmick has a role model. The Bavaria professional earns also a lot of money thanks to its top performances and its presence, said the former world-class defender: Now he is in domestic isolation. He has to comply with that.

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