Legal battles around patents Sometimes obey apparent reasons, as with the recent case of the PlayStation 5 housing company that Sony threatened to take the courts if it did not cease its production, but On other occasions, it costs following the motivations of large companies in their efforts to protect their franchises.

2Big2Fail Doom Band

Doom scroll seemed an ideal name for his new band On this occasion, the situation comes seemed surreal, since ID Software is trying to prevent Dustin Mitchell, a 38-year-old Amazon worker and Dallas Guitarist, Texas, Call Doom scroll to his new Thrash progressive metal band. As Mitchell has counted in an interview in Wired, he knew the term after reading a news where a woman referred to the impulse to consume negative news in social networks.

The term refers to the compulsion for searching negative news in networks Mitchell thought it was a great name for the band that he was looking forward to forming and launched himself. He presented his trademark application in the United States Patents and Trademark Office, but when the guitarist already had the brand almost in his possession, received an attorney s email on behalf of SOFTWARE ID, notifying him about the property of the video game Doom by the company and the Related Registered Trademarks, turning to communicate the appeal upon request.

ID Software owns several trademarks related to the term doom, leading the company to present numerous appeals to trademarks that include this term, only in the last month, the company has opposed Io doom and doom lings. In the case of ID Software, the interest has to do with the commercial exploitation of the Doom universe, and in certain cases, such as the one of the appeal against the Garden of Doom podcast, it was resolved with an agreement of the Lawyers where they restricted their use, preventing them from using the term in movies or video games. In the case of Mitchell, still you will have to wait until 2023, when it will be resolved if he can continue with the name of his band or if he must start looking for another. While resolving, we hope to know something more of the next Software ID project.