The Mobile PlayStation (プレイステーション · ポータブル, Pureisutēshon Potable, or PSP) is the first portable video game console of Sony, marketed between 2004 and also 2015. It marks a turning point in the history of portable gaming consoles since it offers a quality of Photo and also general capacities approaching those of PlayStation 2, a living-room console.
PlayStation Portable permits playing computer game, viewing video clips and also images, listening to music and uses the chance to browse the Internet. Its Wi-Fi wireless link system makes it feasible to connect up to sixteen devices at the very same time with each various other, many thanks to the function of impromptu networking.
In September 2007, Sony introduces PSP Slim & Lite, thinner, lighter, with more attributes than the initial version. In October 2008, PSP 3000 is marketed, and is distinguished from previous versions with an enhanced screen, an incorporated microphone and some visual adjustments. In October 2009, a 4th version, called PlayStation Portable Go, is birthed and undergoing some visual modifications along with the disappearance of the UMD player, which is replaced by an interior memory of 16 GB, permitting to store games, video clips, images and music.
In Tokyo on January 27, 2011, on the celebration of the PlayStation Meeting, the console that must succeed the PSP, named simply at this time NGC (for Future Generation Portable) is revealed. Its final name is revealed at the E3 2011 in Los Angeles: PlayStation Vita. Sony has actually revealed that the 2 generations of consoles real-time. A new variation of the PSP exists at Games com 2011, the PSP E-1000 readily available for 99 EUR because October 26, 2011. This model is without the Wi-Fi function and has only one monophonic speaker.
Given that September 15, 2014, it is impossible to attach to the PlayStation Network using a PSP.

Even a year after the release, the PS5 crisis is not survived yet. Now Sony wants to take the thing in my own hands and builds together with TSMC a factory in Japan.

PS5: Missing parts should be produced yourself

Even a year after the release of the PlayStation 5 it is almost impossible to get to a console. To counter the scarcity, the companies TSMC and Sony are together. On behalf of the subsidiary Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (Jams), which was founded by the two subsidiary, now creates a chip factory. The construction is expected to start early 2022 and should be completed by 2024.

The factory should be designed for the production of small chips, microcontrollers and sensors intended for many applications — below for the PlayStation 5.

(Source: The verge)

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Many PlayStation fans are still waiting for the PS5. The current hardware crisis ensures that important components are just in short supply. Sony now wants to do something about it and apparently plans to raise his own factory.

Sony plans own factory

For the production of the most recent Sony console, the Group requires certain microprocessor chips. Due to trade restrictions between the US and China and the Coronapandemie, a supplier of the game consoles developed, which could still follow a while. In order to work against it, Sony is probably planning the production of its own chips.

According to the news agency Reuters Sony and TSMC are considering the construction of a work in Yamamoto, Japan. There the products are to be made in which a catch-up requirement is. An official opinion of both parties is still missing, but reportedly, the Japanese government should take part in the investment of around 7 billion euros.

Staying a factory out of the ground can take a while even in Japan. A completion is probably planned in 2024, that is, so fast Sony will not be able to counteract the delivery bottlenecks. Nonetheless, the production of other products could be easier and faster in the future.

(Source: Reuters)

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Toshiba warns of persistent scarcity

The Japanese company Toshiba is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic devices. Among other things, Toshiba produces high performance chips, which are also installed in consoles.

Unlike Bloomberg, an employee recently explained that the supply of chips will remain very close to at least September next year and that some customers can not be fully supplied by 2023.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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