The start of Call of Duty: Vanguard has not been easy for Sledgehammer Games. When it was launched had arisen several problems creating the discontent of several players, especially in social networks. However, the study has renovated and since then it has launched several updates that solved some problems. For this update on November 18, Sledgehammer Games focused on the balance of the shotgun, the corrections to look for and destroy, and more.

Vanguard: Patch note for the November 18 update



the OVERPOWERED M1928 in Call Of Duty Vanguard ???? (270 Kill V2 Rocket Gameplay)
The effects of the propagation of ADS (also known as Bloom) were reduced in basic weapons (without accessories).
All shotguns related to the scope, the dispersion of the shot, the reduction of fire and more were rebounded.

Challenges of weapons

A problem was solved by which the long-shot challenges of the MK11 rifle was not resulted.
An error was corrected by name the ability required for Automaton Shenanigans challenges.
An error was corrected that prevented the player from completing the Dead eye challenge for the combat knife.

Game mode

The problem was solved with the bomb to search and destroy where players could see when an enemy deactivated it.

Combat improvement

An error was corrected by which the players had 10 times more reinforcement points than normal.


An error was corrected by which veteran challenge (gets 50 deaths in target modes) did not work properly.


Preferred weapons by the operator now provide the correct amount of XP when they are used.


You know you should not take the SHG, IN and Raven labels. Now we make sure you could not.


Ex filtration

A problem was solved by which the player could still interact with the Ex filtration Portal after not being able to exfiltrate.


The highlighted unlocking text that appears when you reach level 5 with Orange are corrected.


A problem was solved by which legendary pacts still did not appear for some players.

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