So far, Windstorm schedules between the first eleven and replacement bench. Crucappingly, he was 13 times the cross-competition, eight times he ran from the beginning. While in the Europa League as a Joker for the Assists to the victories in Antwerp (1: 0) and Piraeus (2: 1), he went out of him in the Bundesliga too little goalkeeping — until the victory in Freiburg last Sunday. In Reagan, he showed his highest power for the Contract (Kicker Note Note 2), which was not alone at his first goal for the Hesse.

Glaser experimented in the first third of the season especially in the offensive a lot — without a thorough success. But after the victory in Freiburg, the triangle Lindström-Kamada-Borré should have the nose at the beginning. A good, head-to-head striker on the side of Bore the team continued to face well, but can not be overwhelmed. That’s why it says in front of the truest sense of the word: Ball holds flat and move clever between the lines. Already at his idea in July, Windstorm explained: It is important that I have people behind me, who keep my back to me and feed me in the spaces.

Exactly that happened in Freiburg, where six Kristian Basic has shown its strongest game and Windstorm’s leadership hit. The emergence of the 1-0 was happy because of Lukas Ruler’s miscellaneous rescue attempt, but also no coincidence, as Windstorm lurked in the right place. Jesper was well positioned between the lines, so he could record tempo, praises Glaser and certifies the 21-year-old one of his best achievements in our dress.

At the gate you saw that he is a superior footballer

Keeper Kevin Trap attests Windstorm at DAZN a positive development. Jesper is very young and came from another league. The Bundesliga is a harder league than the Danish league, you have to get used to it first. This is normal, and everyone knows in the club and in the team. Jesper has But already made clear steps forward, explains the Routinize and complements: At the gate you saw that he is a superior footballer and has a very good technique. Heart-fast and advanced strength is Windstorm on top of that, which is why he adapted to the bag of sports boards Markus Roche, who announced from the outset, to add more tempo to the At take Department.

Dias hot rate with lots of air up

However, at all talent, Windstorm still has to work on its robustness and become stronger without losing agility and speed. A duel ratio of average 34.3 percent gained dual is not a glory, but it can work. More importantly, Windstorm basically has an exciting predisposition and potential. Of this, the ten gates and eleven Assists, which he achieved cross-season cross-competition in 31 operations for Broadly.