Recently, there were a few problems with servers in Amazons MMO New World, which jumped into the future for a few months. As a result, auctions expired, cities were attacked, but could not be defended, and so on.

Amazon held a maintenance work today, which players reimburse their lost tales. Guilds in the possession of an area received Tale to rebuild their city, taxes on homeownership were reimbursed, and more.

Amazon distributes utopian sums to gold

As it looks like, however, some players were much more gold than they were supposed to have received. In the official forums of the title, the user Gizmo writes that he possibly received gold by a player who exploited one of the past gold dupes.

Gizmo received stately 130,000 tales, which is probably not explained with the gold reimbursements. Another player received 70,000 tales, and Gizmo himself claims that some players in his circle of acquaintances received a total of 400,000 gold.

In another thread, players report from the same problem. The discussion quickly turned to today’s maintenance work, and community manager Touch confirmed a few hours ago that this is in fact wrong Tale compensation:

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Due to our current investigations on false Tale compensations, which today began at EU Central, we wait with the introduction for all other regions to the solution of the problem.

Through the millions of gold, which are now additionally in circulation, the economy was thrown heavily on a few servers again. Objects in the auction house are bought completely, as players have a very high capital.

From Daniel Link
24.11.2021 at 18:46