Recently, Sony’s patent application was officially installed on PS5-Faceplates. This means that your PlayStation 5 can soon miss a chic black.

Sony patented ps5-faceplates

Since the publication of the PlayStation 5 stood that it should not stay with the white standard version. On November 16 this year is finally something, because Sony’s patent on PS5-Faceplates was officially approved.

The concrete claim is: The ornamental design for a cover for an electronic device, as shown and described. In addition, you will see some sketches to the plates of the PS5 from different perspectives. (Source: USA Patent and Trademark Office)

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There are no information about colors and patterns, but a black PlayStation 5 is more than likely. Finally, there is also the danseuse controller in the colors black and dark red. You can learn more at the latest when Sony introduces its PS5 plates.

If you do not want to wait for Sony’s PS5 plates, you can also order black face plates for third-party manufacturers.

Attack on third-party manufacturers

In the past Sony reached several times against third-party manufacturers for PS5-faceplates. The most prominent manufacturer is probably Brand, who to introduce a new disk design to Sony’s first complaint and the PlayStation company again publicly challenged. (Source: Brand)

On the side of Brand is a little further below:

If you’ve done it to this, without buying something, you’re probably a lawyer. Good news for us, a bad for you: There are (probably) no newly approved patents on custom LED light bars, medium skins or brand new dark plates 2.0 colors. Send us another interlocking arrangement if we are wrong.

Remains to be seen whether Sony also complements your PS5-faceplates for more properties, as the plates of Brand.