Only a good two weeks ago was broken in Wow: Shadow lands mythical-plus record (+30 in the timeout). Now the same Dungeon Group has set up a new World First and was able to complete the necrotic road to +31 in time. Who tracks the mythical plus scene probably already knows which players are:

Protective Paladin Rogers (Andy brew), Restoration Shaman Thane, Wind Runner Monk Childintime, Blushing Rama and Frost Magician Indicate. This class compilation has been turned out in Season 2 from Shadow lands for some time as the best combination.

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Max Park Broke the 3x3 World Record TWICE in a row...
Special dungeon mechanics makes it possible

The team keeps seven of the possible nine records for + 30-mythical-dungeons in WOW (Buy Now €14.99) Shadow lands. The + 31 record during the ID with the affixes reinforced, malicious and terrible. The necrotic Tass is offered in combination with reinforced (not so strong bosses) particularly well for new dungeon records, as special weapons can be collected in the instance that can be used strategically to ensure either a lot of damage, mobs Stun or protect his group. In this dungeon, the buffs of the Syrians can be activated. However, was none of the players of the Syrians, which makes the record a bit more amazing.

When where which weapons be collected and used, these players have of course perfected for countless Runs. In the profile on Raider. Io you can look at, which Item level, which legendary, pacts, pieces of jewelry, soul gang, etc. have used the respective players.


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