The World’s Success One Piece will explore a new medium: Netflix production will get the history of devil fruits and pirates a live action series. The One-Piece Cast was recently revealed: In the first season we will definitely see the figures Luffy, Zorro, Us opp, Kanji and Name.

But who are these figures, if you have not had anything with One Piece on Hat? We answer that in this special! Whoever wants to blind into the series, should stop reading here — we talk about characters that have existed for 25 years! Nevertheless, we remain story technically with the beginning of One Piece.

What is it in One Piece?

The celebrated manga and anime abducts readers and spectators into a fantasy world dominated by pirates. The largest of them, Piratenkönig Go D. Roger, has revealed shortly before his execution that at the end of the so-called Grand Line (a long marine area with many islands) hiding his sweetheart, the One Piece. Who finds this, the new king of the pirates. This has started a new era of piracy. While the buckeyes have a lot of competition among themselves, they also have to clarify the marine that observes the seas and islands as a mighty world police and exhibiting headlands on pirates.

Monkey D. Luffy — The Future King of Pirates?

The protagonist of One Piece: Monkey D. Luffy, a pirate that has eaten a devil’s fruit and thus has rubber boards like Mr. Fantastic from the Marvel Comics. Source: TOE Animation In the center of the act, Luffy (named in German also called Ruffy). The young and inexperienced buccaneer dreams of finding the One Piece and thus become the king of the pirates. Typical for anime protagonists he has a heart of gold, is reckless, eating and a good portion of Nail. But behind the partially trotting behavior is a lot of power: Luffy has eaten a so-called devil’s fruit and thus lost his ability to swim, but get a rubber body.

Balls can not harm him, and he can extend his limbs like the Comic Character Mr. Fantastic to meet as many opponents at once and in great range. Accordingly, Luffy is particularly agile and also very strong — paired with its iron will he is thus a worthy opponent for the villains from One Piece.

Corona Zorro — the pirate hunter and sword master

The first crew member who finds Luffy for the straw hat pirates (named after Luffy’s loved hat) is actually someone who has left nothing but contempt for him: Corona Zorro (in German Lore nor Zorro) is a bounty hunter who has apart on pirates.

But Luffy penetrates to the rather grim sword fighter and manages to win him for his crew. Zorro is incredibly disciplined and has already created his own sword fighting style as a little boy, where he uses two swords and carries one in the mouth. Like Luffy, he also has a dream: he wants to become the largest sword fighter in the world.

USP — coward, lying master and sniper

At first glance, you are not a good extension for a crew. For in contrast to Luffy, Zorro and Kanji, he is not a brave fighter who presents villains — he is simply a coward. He often tries to balance through abstruse stories in which he represents himself as a great adventurer with a great follower and fantastic skills.

But however is also a talented sniper, which gives back to a sling. With his often silly nature, he fits perfectly to Luffy, with whom he always drives Schabernback. His dream is simple: a great brave warrior of the seas. There is no greater goal for a coward.

Kanji — the cook of the straw hats


The cook of the straw hatband has some curious character properties. Kanji has sworn to never use his hands to fight opponents. Accordingly, he relies on mighty kicks to bring his important fingers to danger. On top of that, Kanji is a tremendous woman’s hero — in the manga and anime template, Kanji falls in love with her head in pretty ladies and wants to be services. But behind the woman’s hero image is also a character that has the heart absolutely in the right place: Whether stranger or friend, no one is allowed to starve in his area. Accordingly, the waste of food for him is also a gigantic no-go. Between Kanji and Zorro, there is an immense rivalry that often leads to competitive moments.

The chef dreams of that, sometime the so-called All Blue, a mystical ocean, in which all seas of the world meet. There, all the fish species are to be frolicked, which represents a cook of course perfection for a chef.

Name — Navigator and master thief

The (first) lady of the straw hatband is Name. It shines above all by its skills as a navigator, with extensive knowledge of cartography. But on top of that, she has a fist thick behind his ears: she is a vain and seemingly packed thieving, whose motivations are given some turns above all at the beginning of the story. But her greatest wish has definitely nothing to do with wealth or gold — she first wants to make a map of the entire world.

Similar to called, it is not necessarily the brave fighter, which is due to their lack of physical strength. For this reason, she avoids fighting as it can be avoided — unlike characters such as Luffy or Zorro.

Do you have a favorite character in the straw hatband? Or in a very one piece? Track us your favorites!

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