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Sudden Attack Timdess Match Rank

The Nixon Co., Ltd. (Japanese: 株式会社ネクソン, Hepburn: Kabuki geisha Nelson, Korean: 주식회사 넥슨; RR: Jusikhoesa Nelsen) is a Japanese– South Oriental computer game publisher that specializes in on the internet games for PC and also mobile. It maintains over 80 titles. NFC has holding firm with situated in EU, South Korea. Nixon was established in Seoul, South Korea in 1994 by Kim Jungle and Jake Track. In 2005, the company relocated its head office to Tokyo, Japan. As of March 2020, it is the biggest video game firm in South Korea and the third-largest game business in Asia outside Japan in regard to earnings and market capitalization, after China’s Tencent and Release, ahead of South Korea’s Net marble, 37 Entertainment, as well as NCS oft.

Nixon updated the ‘Rank 2021 Special Season: Tandems Match’ on the 30th online FPS game ‘Sudden Attack’.

The special season, which runs on January 6, consists of two kinds of seamless match maps, such as ‘Warehouse’, Folk Village, and Third Base Writing, and Dragon Road, etc. Bombing Mission Map. 5 vs 5 matching with solo and party charging.

Commemorating a special season update, NA-94 (MG) Nike (7 days) ‘,’ SG-12 (MG) Nike (7 days)) ‘,’ TRG21 (MG) Nike (7 days), ‘Art tan Fireworks Via (7 days), and K / D / A Initialization,’ Burning Booster 500% (7 days) ‘, adds more than 200,000 integrated experience.

In addition, the new character of the concept of Lee Sun Bin, Han UNRWA, and Along Fungi, who are attracting attention as an attractive character in the TV topic drama ‘Drinker City Women’, These permanent characters provide jump sound silence functions, and have two character set effects and emotional expressions.

If you collect more than 300 days of these characters by January 13, you will be paid for permanent options, and the Sudden Suddenly acquired 30 per set of perpendicular and the mouse pads to acquire all three sets of permanent One Sudden Kicker will win 15 mouse pads, the number of Polaroids, and one of the bodies. As the entry of the enrollment from the multi-count, it is possible to exchange and win the ‘Sniper period extension permanent’, ‘KNIFE (MG) SWEET permanent,’ M4A1 (MG) SWEET permanent, ‘M4A1 (MG) SWEET permanent.

We carry out the new year’s event until January 13th. If you have completed a specific mission, you will be able to obtain a drawing opportunity to acquire a lot of popular skin such as translucent, goblins, and trees up to 100 days. When you get the opportunity to draw 30 times, you will be added to the ‘Permanent MAGA (2)’, ‘Pass Ticket (20)’, and 30,000 integrated experience.

SuddenAttack Sea Ivanovich Vs NAGA [Lose Match] 1/2
Then, until January 6, the second chat audit event is held. If you enter a specific phrase associated with the New Year, you will present ‘Jewelry Multi Count’, ‘Winter Girl Multi Count’, and a permanent seal.

More details on ‘Rank 2021 Special Season: Tames Match’ can be found on the official homepage of the Sudden Attack.

Lemedie Tencent and Koob Shooting New Publishing Contract

The ‘Max Payne‘, ‘Control’ developer Remedy Entertainment said on the 28th official website, which is developing a new ‘Vanguard (Gaseous)’. ‘Vanguard’ is a new IP of LEE DID, according to LEM IDES, according to LEM IDES, as a EVE in F2P, as a EVE, it is aiming to provide an immersive sensitive play that melted a remedy of a remedial narrative and action.

China: US-launched satellites forced China space station to move twice in 2021 - FM spox
Leeds announced the development of the ‘Vanguard’, while the Tencent and co-enrollment and publishing agreements were also released. Tencent shall cooperate with the ‘Vanguard’ development budget with Remedy, and is responsible for Asia Publishing and Localization in Asia. Global Publishing, except Asia, take Remedy. Leeds also added to Tencent to develop the mobile version of ‘Vanguard’ and allowed to be able to allow global publishing. Mobile version development and publishing costs are buried in Tencent, and revenue is distributed based on the contract.

Vanguard, CEO Term Airport, a CEO Terri Birdie, is to challenge the Live Serviced Games for the first time in Live Serviced Games. I said the aspiration. He also added, I am expecting a long-term partnership, and I will be able to lead operations in Asia and Mobile Market.

Meanwhile, Remedy Entertainment recruits career developers for Vanguard development. The recruitment field requires enthusiasm of the development experience and multiplayer engine 4 game development experience and multiplayer game development, with AI programmers from AI programmers from AI programmers. Detailed information on Vanguards and recruitment notifications can be found through the official homepage.

TurkG ?c ? M ?nchen wants to zoom out squad

Table space 16, only two points air for the relegation zone — logical that the viewing direction at Turkic is rather downwards. But at the same time forward, a new coach the rudder should tear around at the dealers. The Austrian Andreas Hera was presented on Monday.

Managing Director Max Kathy wishes new impulses and result-oriented football, a game idea, which brings us points. The league is thus the top pregame in the ambitious Isarstädter.

They have a bouncing squad, which will now first experience a reduction. So every player has a realistic chance to play, Kathy announced. According to Deutsche Dating at least four actors can go. Which players will be affected, Kathy did not give any information.

Reinforcing one, two positions

Not or rarely asked, for example, Yogi Saint, Furman Zomba and Luis Jacobi (each without deployed), Sinan Mariana (two games) and Sebastian Maier (four bets).

The possible zoom in and zoom out | Zooming upto  universe to atomic level
In return, Türkkhücü wants to reinforce on one, two positions, says Kathy. Where the squad has needed the most urgent quality improvement, the training camp (2 to 11 January in Belem) should provide information.

Forget GTA 6 – Dear Rockstars John-Wick

Max Payne 3 is a third-party computer game of limit Payne franchise business, created by Rockstar Games for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the 3rd game of the Saga, 2nd established by Rock star Vancouver. The well-known Ex detective, Max Payne, returns with a 3rd installment that kept all the aspects that made it wonderful to the legend, but including a brand-new develop into the disagreement history of it. In the game we will certainly embody a retired max, tired of corruption that surrounds it and more cynical than ever before.

Yes I know. Even if a game seems like one, the gamers would like to exchange all to get GTA 6 right away tomorrow. I understand that, too I thirst for a comet in the gaming world. But instead of putting too high expectations in a game like GTA 6, which felt will come only in decades, I prefer to search for great GTA alternatives that have already appeared — and despite 20 years of dust still incredibly uses. At this shooter, John Wick would go to gambling himself. I’m pretty sure about it.

GTA as Shooter Hell: Why every Max Payne has to play

Subbed in the summer of 2001, then posted to the German index and since 2012 rehabilitated again: with his gloomy big city setting and his balls and sayings ballerina heroes, Max Payne could actually be through and through a rock star game. However, the true creator is developer Remedy Entertainment, who later maintained his legendary runners, but has rather openly opened with Alan Wake and Control. Max Payne’s origin and continuation with Rock star is truly complicated, but we stay with the essential: Never gave a better GTA shooter! And why stiffen on the Fata Morgana GTA 6 if you make up a great alternative instead and can experience a new perspective?

The story of Max Payne briefly summarized, so little she needs to deliver a good reason to the baller: after burglars have murdered his wife and child, Max Payne is no longer the same. With the only note that all this associates with a mysterious drug, it turns out to be undercover-cop to clean up the entire New York underworld. And let’s be honest! An Open World As in GTA 5, in most cases, not only represents a lot of freedom and exploration, but also a lot of idle and long journey times to clients. Fortunately, Max Payne does not have something like that and send you in a never-ending baller orgies, room for space, level for level. Without break, at most to reload!

Due to the trailer on the shooter hell in Max Payne:

Rockstar Needs To Release Another Game Of Max Payne - A Classic Now 20 Years Old

Instead of being a boring cover shooter, to which GTA online unfortunately tends far too often, Max Payne relies on offensive gameplay: the opponents are aggressive, numerous and come from all sides, while max always runs in the middle of and his energy bar is always running in the middle of it and its energy bar To survive, it depends on the John-Wick-Skill. With its famous Bullet Time, Max Payne can jump in Slow-Motion and run. It is incredibly fun to perform yourself with this ability like a cold-snopy revolver held and to master any difficult situation — for example to fall into a room full of cards playing gangster and turn off everyone while surrounding the table. Arrive funny, considering that the only real John Wick game called Hex sets on absolutely decelerated, round-based battles and has been forgotten quickly.

Meanwhile, I have Max Payne as a disc for PS2 and twice digital for PS3 and PS4 — because there is always time to enjoy single levels or just play the entire story. It’s not just the fast flow gameplay that makes Max Payne unique, especially the atmosphere and the style bath the player all the time over in good bath ass mood. For example, the story is told about Sin City -liar comics strips, in which Max Payne always like a I’m too old for this shit Bruce Willis gives his cool sayings and comparisons to the best, (where the then indexing here Advantageous circumstance brings that you can only enjoy the game in English and anyway!)

Also, 20 years later, Max Payne has not lost at speed, gangster satire and fun, even the exilic graphic makes the game even more charming and gloomy work (similar to GTA 3, which should never have been remastered). Max Payne’s First adventure is perfect, while Max Payne 2 hold the bar, but can not exceed, and Max Payne 3 sacrifices the complete atmosphere for a much too numerous gameplay. Even if Max Payne 4 should come in front of GTA 6, which will not happen, I do not need it. As far as this is concerned, I would actually find it more exciting when other studios Max Payne’s ideas would continue to spin new gangster games. All hope to set only to GTA 6, I think for wrong, which I have already noticed when playing the Mafia Remaster. It does not hurt to take the pink GTA glasses.

And the moral of the story? To wait for GTA 6 and to scream afterwards, is not worth it. There is much to good alternatives, for which a look at the upper picture line is definitely worthwhile. In addition, I can really only place every GTA fan, to catch Max Payne. For his narrative style, his gloomy world and his gameplay. Sure, there are no cars in Max Payne to steal as in GTA, but what the gameplay is concerned, this 20-year-old shooter cart depends on many todays topic coverage shops with links — and then pushes them the tires to then a cool saying to press.

Additional PS4 Games found not compatible with PS5

Last month, in anticipation of PS5 games and PS4 games on PS5, Sony has published a game list whose players should expect not to work on PS5. They did their best, but there are just some games that just had to be left behind. Now that the PS5 is officially launched, we discover that there are other PS4 games to add to this list that does not work on PS5. However, we only found about six new and judging by which they are, we do not think too many players will be disappointed.

As your friend Zane, you may hear about these games for the first and last time. The games that have recently been discovered not to work are The Gardens Between, Golem, Pool Nation, Tower of Time and Link: A Postmodern RPG. Pixel bot Extreme! Followed from this list, but the Play heart Games developer has since solved the problem with their game so that all fans of Pixel bot can sigh with relief.

It seems that these games that pass between the mesh of the net tend to be smaller and less noticeable games. At this point, there will probably not have too many people upset by that. There are also many of these games on the PlayStation Store, so we could find more and more of which developers have just not made the necessary adjustments for their game to make the jump or not support the game.

Here Are The PS4 Games That Won't Work On PS5
Do you think we will find more games that do not work on PS5? Let us know in the comments below.

Look too

HBL Magdeburg just wins

The SC Magdeburg hurries in the Bundesliga from victory to victory and goes without point loss in the Christmas days. The sovereign leaders’ conquest on Thursday the HSV Hamburg 34:26 (17:13) and has after 16 playing 16 victories in the account.

On the second Christmas holiday waiting with the away game at the SG Flensburg-Handewitt but a difficult task on the SCM. It would be nice if we had no weaknesses, but that’s not like that, said Magdeburg’s Trainer Bennet weighed at SKY. We are aware that we have been the hunted for months and the team in the Bundesliga as well as the European League is the team that is considered. You have to process mentally.

SC Magdeburg - SG Flensburg/Handewitt  Meisterschaft 2001

The Fuchs Berlin pat rd against the table-top last HOW Balingen-Weilstetten. The favored foxes came only to a 26:26 (15:13) and missed the jump in third place. Berlin (25) remains fourth behind Flensburg (25) and the THE Kiel (26). For Balingen-Weilstetten, a gloomy series ended in stranger hall — the previous seven away games had lost the team all lost.

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Michael Damaged was in Magdeburg with ten hits of the best throwers of the SCM, Omar Inge Mansion came to seven goals. On Sunday in Flensburg, the leaders most likely awaits more resistance. The first leg had won Magdeburg with five goals difference.

WoW Patch 9 2 Star Wars Transmog

These swords would put some WoW disciples instant with the previously played MAIN AD ACTA, unless he can create swords, and immediately a twink ranked so that these magnificent copies can be supplied in the lightsaber look of their true determination: a really cool transmogrification! Or do you see it differently?

The swords to which it goes are those with an ethereal flame blade, which also lights up — depending on the model — in a wide variety of colors. The lightsaber option was with WOW (Buy Now €14.99) Patch 9.1, chains of domination, for the first time in the game implemented as a prey from the Tazavesh-Boss ZO’few. Donkeys of heavy personal injury, from the quasi purest energy WATER (and therefore the Star Wars comparison is not disposable), but there are so far only in blue in Shadow lands. But not for long! Because with WoW Patch 9.2 there will probably be four other color variants, Like Determiners from Towhead have found out. Selection! That makes a decent Star-Wars-Transmog just complete!

Lightsevesses of rare opponents in Earth Morris

It seems that the blades of rare opponents in the new play area Dropped Earth Morris. At least three of the four color variations have already been assigned a rare from the people of TOWHEAD. Caution: All the following information is based on the Test Server of Patch 9.2 and can still change until the release.

The spawn points of the well-known lightsaber rares we have marked with stars in the corresponding color. Source: WoW disciples

Color: Violet-anima Siphoning Sword: The sword will be donated by an encrypted name The Euler, which can look in the southeast of the refuge. So that the anginal appears, you must address the Raptor NPC the matriarch in and protect it from waves of attacking clamps. The Enrolled is the final opponent of the event.
Color: Red -XY’rates Signature Saber: The name is program. The sword drops from a Mittler-Rare named XY’Reith, which lets west of the forge of re-life on the edge of the card (north of the Held of Pilgrim). At XY’Reith, it should be a hard chunk, which may not want to tackle solo.
Color: Green -enlighten Botanist’s Machete: In the south of Earth Morris in the catalyst organizations, a rare named for a great overgrowth, which initially does not seem to be attacked. Close to the bushes you will find four roots that you have to pull out of the ground. Then the essence can be attacked.

And the fifth color?

STOP DOING THIS! Get to Exalted with Netherwing in 2 Days!

Blue is already available from ZO’Hex, Violet, red and green lights, you can get stood by the Rares in Earth Morris. And what still stays? A white yellow version was also found in the game data, but you could not be assigned any source from which you can get it. But the bright blade is likely to let the Paladin hearts under the logging fans. Or the players who want to build a Jedi outfit in WOW. If there is the information or changes something to the previous findings, we will contact us ^^

The links marked are affiliate links. Affiliate links are no ads, as we are independent in the search and selection of the presented products. For product sales we receive a small commission, with which we partially finance the free content of the website.

If you have GTA The Trilogy on PC You can get GTA 5 or another free game

Grand Theft Auto IV (abbreviated Rockstar Games GTA IV or GTA 4) is an open world action-adventure computer game developed by Superstar North. The computer game, preceded by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, is the 9th Title of the Grand Collection Theft cars and truck and the first of it to show up on 7th generation video clip gaming consoles. WRockstar Games launched for PlayStation 3 and also Xbox 360 in Australia, Europe Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games North America on April 29, 2008, and also Japan on October 30, 2008. The Windows variation of the video game wRockstar Games introduced in North America on December 2, 2008, and also in Europe on December 3. 2 downloadable episodes were developed for Xbox 360, PC and also PlayStation 3; the very first wRockstar Games The Lost and Darned, releRockstar Gamesed on February 17, 2009, Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games the secondly wRockstar Games The Ballad of Gay Tony, that took place the marketplace on October 29, 2009.
The history of the game runs at Liberty City, a make believe city bRockstar Gamesed greatly in the modern-day city of New York. The lead character of the story is Nike Berlin, an expert of ERockstar Gamestern Europe battle, which emigrated to the USA in search From the American desire promised by his relative, but that rapidly is dragged to a criminal abyss. Rockstar Games in other versions of the collection, the video game is made up of driving Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games shooting elements in 3rd individual, Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games hRockstar Games an open world video game that provides gamers a lot more control over their video gaming experience. GTA IV is the first console game in the franchise that hRockstar Games a multiplayer mode online natively without mods, and also consists of fifteen kinds of video game.
A great industrial and also crucial success, Grand Theft Auto IV broke brand names in the video clip game market with sales of around 3.6 million systems on its first day on the market, raising even more than 500 million dollars in revenues Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games 6 million From systems offered around the world, roughly, throughout their very first week. On June 9, 2010, Take-Two announced that the computer game had actually reached 17 million systems marketed worldwide. Grand Theft Auto IV got the acclamation of objection, especially directed to the style of the open globe Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games to the narrative; Being considered by lots of critics Rockstar Games one of the best computer game of perpetuity and becoming one of the most ranked games of all time on score collections such Rockstar Games Mortgages, Metacritic Rockstar Games well Rockstar Games ToptenReviews.

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition hRockstar Games been thrown into the market between reviews. Bugs and mistakes are added performance problems and some artistic decisions that have not liked followers. Faced with this situation, Rockstar Games hRockstar Games apologized and hRockstar Gamesmitted to work in polishing the product, while you have also tried compensate users, although they have focused on the PC. Now, those who have acquired the pack on this platform have the possibility to claim a free title, among which is GTA V.

The promotion is available until next October 5 and allows you to choose between these PC products, all of them within the Launcher de Rockstar Games, the only space in which GTA hRockstar Games been marketed: The Trilogy: Grand Theft Auto 5 : Premium Edition, Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition, Max Payne 3, La Noise and Bully: Scholarship Edition. The possibility of getting some rewards for GTA Online and Red Dead Online is also offered.

You can request it here.

You may be interested in: Analysis of GTA The Trilogy

One of the worst qualified in Metacritic

It may be GTA III, GTA: San AndreRockstar Games and GTA: Vice City are three extraordinary video games, which are, but that hRockstar Games not prevented the removal version Beef succumb in criticism. The worst stop adaptation is that of Nintendo Switch, who hRockstar Games entered fully Rockstar Games one of the worst sets valued at Metacritic. The work of Rockstar Games (ported by Grove Street Games) hRockstar Games been cRockstar Gamest on the list along with other disappointments such Rockstar Games Alan Wonder world or Football 2022.

Grand Theft Auto The Trilogy: The Definitive Edition can be purchRockstar Gamesed on PC (via Rockstar Games Launcher), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. in compatible, also creators from Red Dead Redemption 2 Given ClRockstar Gamessical versions of the GTA.

NBA Daniel Theis with seasonal record at bankruptcy against New York Knicks

Marvin Magic Johnson Jr. (born August 14, 1959, in Lansing, Michigan) is a former American basketball gamer. Along With Larry Bird, he shaped the improvement of the NBA in the 1980s. The 2.06 meter Johnson played primarily as a Factor Guard as a result of its extraordinary key capabilities, although this position is generally occupied with smaller players.
After title winning in Senior high school and also University Johnson was very first chosen in the NBA Draft in 1979 by Los Angeles Lakers. Already in his initial season he won the championship title with the Lakers and was elected one of the most beneficial gamer of the last series (NBA Finals MVP Award). Four other titles with Los Angeles complied with in the 1980s; A total of 9 times he reached the NBA finals with the group. In 1991, Johnson instantly returned from the expert sport as HIV was diagnosed with him. At the All-Star Game 1992, in which he was granted the very best player, he revealed his resurgence and won in the summer with the All-star team, which controlled his challengers at will, gold at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. After objections from various other players, Johnson damaged his period prep work for the 1992/93 period, in which he desired to go back to regular having fun. 4 years later on, he went back to the league once more as well as completed 32 ready the Lakers.
Johnson won the honor as the finest gamer of the period (NBA MVP Honor), took twelve times on the All-Star Game as well as was assigned ten times in series right into the All-NBA team, right here nine times in the very first group. Four times, one of the most assists of all gamers in the regular season get here, with an average of 11.2 assists per game, he leads the Eternal league of the league at the Assists. In 1996, Johnson was awarded among the 50 ideal players in the background of the NBA and also confessed in 2002 to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The Sport sender ESPN scored him to the very best Factor Guard of all time in 2007. His relationship as well as rivalry with Larry Bird, to whom he fulfilled for the very first time in the 1979 NCAA Division I-Basketball Champion Final and also later, inter alia, three times in the NBA finals, coined considerably the basketball of the eighties. Because his withdrawal from active sport, Johnson is included, to name a few things, for the avoidance of HIV/ AIDS and also advertises sex for Safer.

Daniel Thesis succeeds for the Houston Rockets the second double of the season, and the German achieves as many points as never before this season. Nevertheless, the Rockets are subject to the New York Knicks. The Phoenix Suns crafts on another series.

Indiana Pacers (13-18) — Detroit Pistons (4-23) 122: 113 (Box score)

Was there ever? Both Indiana (Rick Carlisle) and Detroit (Diane Casey) had to do without her head coaches, in the end was the already 13th defeat for the pistons. The Pacers, which were still under the wheels in Milwaukee in the final quarter, were able to thank Cars Lever that guests are not a victory again.
The Shooting Guard raised efficiently 31 points (12/18 FG), alone 16 of them achieved Lever in the second quarter. However, the hosts were able to settle only after the change, when the lead was first double-digit. Indiana but also made life difficult, the pistons posted 28 (!) Points in transition, although the Pacers only made 8-ball losses.

Daniel Theis | Postgame | Houston Rockets Vs. New York Knicks 12/16/2021
So Detroit never really let off, but not more. After a 12-2 start of the guests, the Reservists bested by Chris Duarte (15, 9 Rebounds) and Jeremy Lamb (11, 6 Assists) The Game of the hosts, later also showed Do mantas Saxons (12, 9 Boards, 6 Assists) and Myles Turner (16, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks) significantly improved.
Really nice to look at was not the game, 44 fouls were collapsed, which resulted in rich 58 free throws. Top scorer of the guests was Sadiq Bey with 28 points (9/17 FG) and 9 rebounds, Top-Pick Made Cunningham came to 19 meters (8/16 FG) and 6 boards. However, as a team, the pistons only sifted seven threes, each went on the account of Bey and Frank Jackson (18, 7/11 FG).

Brooklyn Nets (21-8) — Philadelphia 76ers (15-15) 114: 105 (Game Report)

Houston Rockets (9-20) — New York Knicks (13-16) 103: 116 (Box score)

After four defeats in a piece, the kink came the guest match in Houston more than, but the New York had long problems with the Rockets. Only in the fourth neighborhood could the knicks settled, especially Immanuel Quickly played with the main role in the section with the same five transformed threes. The Guard finished the game with 24 points (7/10 3P) and thus led the again strong bank of the knicks.
The 22-year-old was urgently needed after starting Guard Derrick Rose injured in the first half of the ankle and no longer returned. Positive was the idea of ​​the much criticized Evan Fournier, who was the best scorer of the guests with 23 points. The other problem child, Julius Randle (21, 6/18), on the other hand had more heights and depths.

The Rockets hounds too often with the referees, still held the game open to the fourth quarter. Especially the Starting Five of the Texans knew, with Daniel This with 22 points (8/12 FG, 2/4 threesome), 10 rebounds and 2 blocks showed his best game in the Rockets Jersey and several times the quality or steadfastness of the Basket system tested. In the end, however, the German was also the no longer existing defense of the rockets on lost items.
In addition to Quickly, ROOKIE-GUARD MILES also convinced McBride (15, 9 assists, 4 steals), which has always found Mitchell Robinson (17, 8/8 FG, 9 rebounds, 3 blocks). In the Rockets score next to this, JA’Sean Tate (20, 6/8 FG) and Garrison Mathews (17) best. Rookie Appear Season (1, 0/3, -23 in 15 minutes) this time, however, was a total loss.

Phoenix Suns (23-5) — Washington Wizards (15-15) 118: 98 (Box score)

The Phoenix Suns have also gained their 13th home game in series and thus revealed in terms of balance with the Golden State Warriors. Against Washington, the engine of the Suns-Open groomed again in full swing, the result was a completely harmful success.
The scoring was distributed again on many shoulders, equal to eight players achieved at least 10 counters, Top scorer was already Naval McGee, who scratched with 17 points and 8 rebounds in just 16 minutes on a double. Chris Paul came on 12 meters (6/8 FG) and 6 assists, his crunch time qualities were not asked this time.
The guests could only make the first minutes balanced, then the Suns with the bank put a 12: 2 run. Cameron Payne (11, 5 Assists), Cameron Johnson (13, 3/5 threesome) and McGee dismissed their opponents in this phase, so that the Suns turned out a double-digit lead. By another run in the third quarter, the difference grew temporarily to 22, in which the matter was the matter.
The Wizards met nearly 50 percent out of the field, but remained terrifyingly harmless (6/21 threesome) from the distance (6/21 threesome) and only came to the freezer in the fourth quarter (12/19 FT). Spencer Dinwiddie was spared so that Bradley Deal (26, 11/18 FG, 5 Assists) was too focused on itself.

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Artificial intelligence designs its own Pok mon after analyzing the 898 in existence

After 8 different generations, Pokémon already has a total of 898 creatures, a figure that will change as soon as Game Freak, the study in charge of the saga, introduces us with the new set that will inevitably arrive. However, so many Pokémon complicate the creation of new designs, so Max Woolf, a Data Scientist of San Francisco, assigned the task to an artificial intelligence.

AI Learns To Play CS:GO By Watching Humans Play!

Some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive after forcing the IA to observe all the existing Pokémon, the task of making their own creations was imposed. WOOLF shared the results through social networks, with some creatures that clearly borrow several body parts of the designs we already know, and many others that we hardly recognize the inspiration of it.

The results, apparently, were from the liking of the people, so Woolf repeated the process several times, and shared more and more creatures that he designed artificial intelligence. The reception was so positive, that some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive.

The IA that I used was a Udall for all official Pokémon images, Woolf explained. Unfortunately, it is not portable or easy to use, since if it were, it would form an interactive collaboration.

Although Pokémon sword and shield were the last titles in introducing new creatures, they are diamond and pearl remakes that are taking full attention. In Japan, the newly launched games reached 130,500 units sold, standing without difficulties in first sales place of the last week.

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