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Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide Wiki

Pokémon Legends Areas is finally here, and shakes the standard Pokemon formula in a way that we had never seen before. This entry into the long-term creature capture franchise is an open world output on the same line as Breath of the Wild.

We transport ourselves to the ancient past of the Singh region, known here as the HIS UI region, to search for Pokemon while wandering for its natural habitats. With a headquarters parked in Jubilee Village, players have the task of completing survey missions to learn more about the creatures that live in HIS UI.

On the way, you will certainly have more than a few questions about how the new game mechanics work, how to get certain useful elements, where to find certain Pokemon and more. This Pokémon Legends Areas wiki guide will provide useful tips, tricks and other useful information when traveling to the HIS UI region for the first time.

Pokemon Legends Areas Guide Wiki

  • Release date: January 28, 2022
  • Developer : usual game
  • Editor : Nintendo, the Pokemon company
  • Platforms : Nintendo Switch

General information

  • Collect mysterious gifts
  • Are the Shiny Starters blocked? Answered
  • What happens if you fall apart, and you faint? Answered
  • Increase the space of the bag (inventory size)
  • How the exchange of experiences works

Basic concepts of Pokemon Legends Areas

Sprint and run faster
* Get new clothes and sets
* Exchanging Pokemon and articles
* Mount and mount Pokemon
* Explanation of space-time WARP fields: What are and how to use them
* Explanation of styles: go from an agile style to a strong style

traps Pokemon and meets the requests.

  • Sleep and catch Pokemon easily
  • Get Hessian Breviary and fly
  • Traps Shay min (requests “a sample of strength”)
  • Catch Dark (request “the dark nightmare”)

_ We will actualize our wiki guide as we deepen on Pokémon Legends Areas, so be sure to re-check soon.

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Craftone, new business launch and NFT, Web 3.0 new business promotion

Creighton presented to members’ Grafton Live Talk, Grafton Live Talk (KLT), “Grafton Live Talk,” Grafton Live Talk, “the Grafton Live Talk”.

Kim, Changchun, emphasized the direction of creating the direction in the situation in the competitive advantage and ‘Challenge in the new area’. Kim said, “To increase the live service efficiency of the existing game, and strengthen the publishing capabilities to strengthen the competitive advantage.”

In addition, we will continue to focus on new developments that can be captured by the core fan layer and will continue to create a new game IP. ” In the year, we introduced various projects that are scheduled to be released or developed.

The game creation capacity of the Creighton is a new extended area and a new challenge, and the new challenge is dipping ▲ Virtual Human ▲ VR ▲ NFT / Web 3.0, etc. presented. Kim, Kim, “plans to use new technologies to provide new value to gamers and creators and create differentiated content.” “I was noteworthy of the possibility of new business.

Why we are NOT ready for the Multiverse and WEB 3.0!????

In addition to Web 3.0 and NFT, “Web 3.0 is a world where C2E (CREATE-to-EARN) is accelerated by creators and consumers, and C2E (CREATE-to-EARN) is accelerating,” “Creighton is the World, Interactive, The game that creates pleasure focuses on the roles and strengths of the original roles and strengths, and the creators will be able to lead new content creative creations in scalable ecosystems, and will continue to challenge with competent partners. “

The new production program ‘The Potential Program’, which can try faster and more challenges, is also introduced. A more potential program has a program that takes a small team that takes a streamlined development examination process and verifies key fun for a year and verifies key fun.

In addition to PC, Mobile, a game that utilizes new technologies has been enlarged to propose a scope, and to help you devote to project creation for a year. “The Potential Program is a great opportunity to experience a small team of PD and production reader roles,” said Park Ton Nam young Line Studio Management. Emphasized “to be encouraged.”

“Creighton Kim Chang-ton said,” Carlton has a sustainable powerful IP, and has a stamina that can grow and extend, and longer, more challenging, “said,” “Games will become the most powerful media If you continue to challenge with unchanged faith, you will be able to dig the new IP and growth engine. “

Cod Vanguard: The reappearance system is still broken and the players are fed up

Unfortunately, Call of Duty Vanguard has been rejected by the community since its launch last November, and for a good reason. The title of Sledgehammer Games faces many problems that it takes to be corrected, despite the good will of the study to improve the bad state of the game. The different developers have announced, and in particular Sledgehammer Games, the postponement of the launch of Season 2 of Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone Pacific, to correct the issues encountered in the different games and, lately, the of Vanguard It is the one that more and more concerns brings for the players.

Vanguard players complain about respawn

If you ever played Call of Duty Vanguard, you must have noticed you quite faster than respawns are totally broken . Since the publication of the title, this issue is still present, despite a correction made by the study shortly after its launch.


In REDDIT , a user called Wayne expressed its frustration because The reappearance system caused different game modes as domination to be completely unplayable . According to him, he often reappears near his allies, who are then in the middle of a fight with enemies right next to them, or sometimes it is blocked by his allies and then becomes an easy target.

From the comments that followed Reddit’s publication, he unfortunately is not the only one who discovered that the respawns are a huge headache in Vanguard, being a huge real issue for players who are playing the title at this time. In addition, in our writing we also face this issue, since it is very difficult to stay calm when we are in front of an enemy, and they chain three deaths followed without knowing what happens.

We only have to hope that Sledgehammer Games Solve, once and for all, this issue that makes life impossible in Vanguard . For the record, the title has been designated as the game with the worst system of reappearance, so the study has to put on the batteries so that the last title of the franchise is at least playable.

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on Switch will get “something extra” per producer

The strange new publication seems to be something extra.

The The devil could be deepen series returned early 2019 with a roar. The return Devil May Cry 5 has led to a strong critical and financial success and helped to develop the brand to one of the upper levels of CAP COM. The series also finds its way to a Nintendo system for the first time, as the original trilogy is released again. And it seems that you want to have the third game something special.

Although the games have already been published in an HD collection, they were published individually on the switch. While the first two games were copied directly from the aforementioned collection, it seems that the third game has a slightly more offering to producer Matt Walkers official Twitter.

In view of how much the last two new publications of the first and second plays are, it is somewhat surprising. Walker also teases three data for more information (January 13, January 30th and 13th February). Devil May Cry Special Edition HD will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 20th.


https://twitter.com/devilmalyCry/Status/1214577683952091136 Marked with: Cap com, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, Nintendo Switch

Unfair Boots in the hex chain: Pütz fails in double and criticized “Dewer” Kyrgios

The German Davis Cup player had to give himself with his New Zealand partner Michael Venus in the quarterfinals of Melbourne in a stylish atmosphere, the local matadors Thanks Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrios 5: 7, 6: 3, 3: 6.

The Kia Arena enjoyed a witch chest, every point win of the two Australians cheered the fans frenetic. In part, the initiation also went beyond an appropriate level, for example with Buhrufigen in the case of accessories of Putz and Venus. With the profit of the second sentence, these took some air – but only briefly. Above all, Kyrios whipped the crowd with spraying gestures again and again.

Putz stressed that he did not play so well with his partner, but the atmosphere had not so good, he said, And I think that’s too much of the good. Tennis is entertainment, but that’s to a lot. But there are no real rules for these situations, the referee has tried their best. It was wild outside, said the 34-year-old, Kyrios had gone too far: What he does there between the first and second surcharge has nothing to do with entertainment. That’s just unsportsmanlike.

And I think that’s too much of the good. Tennis is entertainment, but that’s too much.

Tim Putz

Putz was the last German in the individual or double competitions of the Australian Open. Most recently, he had taken care of the semi-final with the Deutsche Team in Davis Cup on the side of Kevin Gleiwitz for Furor. On Grand Slam level, he had previously been the best results two quarter-finals at French Open (2020, 2021).

New information of “Ding Light 2 Stay Human” such as the growth of the early area and character is released for domestic!

Spike Chen Software Launches Open World Action RPG Ding Light 2 Stay Human ( Dying Light 2 Stay Human ) is Game Introduction Area and Character Growth, New Information on Parameters Published.

Introduce the area of ​​the game early! Also, about important facilities that change the structure of the city!

Old Killed is the main stage of the game early in the area where the main character and ADEN will arrive in the city City where the main character is the stage of this work. Many relatively low-rise buildings of 2 to 3 stories, with old-fashioned and quaint cityscape. There is a subway station, which is the front base of the Survivor and the front base of the piece keeper, and there is a huge wind power generator Old Killed, a large wind car that can be transmitted to most districts.

Central Loop is a district located south of Old Yellow. In the business district where modern buildings are lined up, the atmosphere is greatly different from Old Villa. In the area, in particular, in the area of ​​business, some high-rise buildings exist that many large companies were moving. In addition to being facing the sea, the canal is drawn in the district, and a huge container ship used as a headquarters of a piece keeper is anchored.

City, there is a water tower and a substation as a facility that supports citizen life. These facilities are stopped, but you can choose to assign to the survivor and piece keeper by securing and running. The power assigned the important facility will dominate the surrounding area, not only the subsequent story changes, but also the structures installed in various places. Assigning an significant facility to the survivor, a structure (Parker helper) that helps to move such as zip lines is installed at various places, and the convenience of movement is increased. Assigning a facility to a piece keeper will be installed a structure that can be used for combat such as various traps.

■ Introduce new elements on character growth and parameters!

Through Actions>


In this work, Battle and Par cool are provided with his two skill levels. The combat level defeats the enemy, allowing the Par cool level to acquire experience values ​​by performing the corresponding action, such as wall climbing and jump sliding. When the skill level goes up, it can learn new skills from each skill tree of combat and Parkour. Because actions and growth are linked, the player who actively combat uses the player who works while avoiding the enemy and actively fights, and the character’s growth is different.

↑ パ Parkour’s skill tree can learn Was run and sliding. It will be able to run the city more quickly and stylish.

↑ Battle skill tree also includes power attacks and various kicks, avoidance, blocks, and stealth attacks. Drop-kicks active in the previous work are also alive.

< Inhibitor to improve basic capabilities>

Inhibitors are chemicals that enhance human body skills. Inhibitors, he raises the upper limit of any life or stamina every time he collects three. In addition to the skill level, there is also a condition that there are more than a certain life or stamina, in addition to the skill level, and it is important for getting inhibitors to proceed smoothly. It is an element.

In this work, in addition to life and stamina, there is an immunity parameter. The immunity represents the resistance to THV (Phalangers) and decreases in the dark place where his THV, such as in the facility or at night. Be careful when acting in night or darkness, as the immunity becomes 0 when he reaches 0. In addition, strengthening your life and stamina using inhibitors will also be able to act in the dark, longer as immune motivations.

↑ A blue mushroom called UV Sch house is a consumer item that restores the immunity and can be collected in each city. When exploring within and nighttime for a long time, it is a mobile required item.

Ding Light 2 Stay Human will be released on February 4 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store). Nintendo switch version (cloud version) will also be released during 2022.

Com2us Global Lapse Game New Fishings Shin: Crew, C2x Block Condition

Global Popular Re-Ports Games’ The new way of fishing is joined to C2X ecosystems.

Comes (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee) announced on the 21st that it is based on the new fishing god IP-based new fishing bio-based new fishing god: Crew on the game platform C2X (tentative).

‘Fishing’ god ‘is a game that can experience a hand-like hand with real fishing with a simple operation, and the world’s cumulative downloads are downloaded from 60 million or more, and the number of sports games in 32 countries and the Apple App Store Recorded.

Comes is a strategy of providing a game experience in the C2X ecosystem, through the ‘fishing gods: Crew’, which combines the blockchain technology in a powerful IP power.

‘Fishing’s God: Crew ‘is characterized by introducing the concept of’ Crew ‘, which is a support character that increases the ability of the player to the original IP. Users can collect and grow crews and items within the game, and to enjoy the P2E cycle to capture the upper contents and acquire more goods and coins. It is also possible to use a neglect compensation system that is accumulated during a period of automatic fishing function and not to play.

Comes is expected to have a blockchain that divides the user and achievements based on the ‘fishing’ IP, which forms large popular and fandoms in the world, and it is expected to cause another echo in the global P2E market.

Meanwhile, the Come group is building a game platform ‘C2X’, a self-blocked blockchain for global P2E market. ‘Summer Noun: Chronicle’, ‘Colossus M King’, ‘DK Mobile’, and MMORPG, such as ‘Golf Star’, ‘Games Bill Pro Baseball’, Games Bill Pro Baseball, The lineup is expanding.

Call of Duty Warzone: New Update is there, brings urgently needed weapons

Players of Call of Duty War zone get access to a new update. On your website, Raven Software developers share the patch Notes – and thus individual changes and innovations. The focus of the patch is troubleshooting for a glitch that could ensure that individual weapons were permanently shooting without having to reload the magazines.

shoot without recharge

Players had last reported on this problem among others at Type 11 LEG. The Glitch could be exploited if the weapon was changed quickly after a key confirmation for reloading. Through a program error, the magazine was immediately reloaded again . With the new update, the error of the past should belong. With the new War zone update, the developers also assume several collision issues on caldera , which enabled, among other things, through individual objects.

First Bug fixes, then Season 2

With the patch it should no longer happen that the menu screen flickers if you want to join the game of a friend or a party. That the host of a private lobby crashes the game should also be history after the update. There are also adjustments for the Katina. As is apparent from the patch notes, the damage caused from 135 to 150 was raised. The movement speed is reduced by two percent. The full patch Notes for the new War zone update we will find below. Finally, the developers participated in postponing the start of Season 2 to previously implement important updates.

Call of Duty War zone: Patch Notes about the new update

bug fixes

  • Fixed Collision Issues With Various Elements Across Caldera Allowing Players to Exploit / Peek / Shoot Through Them.
  • Fixed to Issue Causing The Menu Screen To Flicker When Attempting to Join A Friend OR Queue With A Party.
  • Fixed to Issue With Reload Animations Allowing Certain Weapons to Fire Continuously.
  • Fixed to Issue Causing Private Lobby Hosts to Crash.
  • Fixed to Issue Causing The Regular / Advanced UAV Rewards from Big Game Bounty and [Top Secret] Contracts to Not Trigger IF The Player What in A Vehicle OR Anti-Air Gun.


  • Katina (VG)
    • Damage Increased from 135 to 150
    • Standing Charge Range Increased by 36.5%
    • Crouching Charge Range Increased by 17%

Advertising: Call of Duty: War zone now order at Amazon

Call of Duty: War zone – Launch Trailer to the Pacific Update

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Call of Duty War zone: Now pay-to-loose skins – accurate goals impossible

Players of Call of Duty War zone have found another bug. This time, a skin ensures faulty crosshairs. PCPS4XBO0

DR Disrespect says: Developer Make Call of Duty War zone Broken!

The popular Streamer Dr Disrespect reiterates sharp criticism of the developers of Call of Duty: War zone, due to planned Nerfs.


From David Martin
21.01.2022 at 07:31

Handball EM: German chances of shrinking on semi-finals

The General Samples for the second major running game could not have been different: While the DHB team had laid down the weakest tournament performance on Thursday, and against defending champion Spain took the shorter, Norway set up a new EM Foreword against Poland. Sander Sago sen of the THW Kiel and the left outside Sebastian Bartholdi outstanding in the tournament had met ten times alone.

At least the Corona situation around the German handball players on Friday did not worry even further, for the first time for a few days, all test results were negatively failed. Julius Kuhn, first corona case in the German team at the EM, did not receive a release, which is why the DHB selection with the 16-squad from the Spain game acted.

DHB team uses Norway’s weapons

National coach Alfred Gílson once again trusted in Philipp Weber and Julian Foster as a thinker and handlebar, the rear organized defense specialist Simon Ernst. And the DHB selection came amazingly good in the game: Captain Johannes Golda set his second gate from a circle to 3: 1. In addition, the European Champion of 2016 used the weapons of Norwegians – right outside Lukas Were set in TempoGegeg to 4: 2 and 5: 3 (11th).

A meal factor was Keeper Johannes Bitter, who lay after 15 minutes at an outstanding good fishing rate of 50 percent. At the break, the 39-year-old had already piled nine parades. But the attack was the big problem, Norway took over in a phase in which Germany remained without his own hits over six minutes, at the 7: 6 for the first time the leadership (19th).

Second Norwegian suit is sitting

With the second suit in the back – so without the Kiel Sago sen and Harald Ranking – the Norwegians aged in an attack significantly stronger. At the stand of 9:12, the DHB selection threatened to disappoint the game. But led by the secure restraint bitter, the German team with only two goals behind the break (12:14).

After the side change Norway came in much better, built the lead directly on four hits (16:12). Erik Thorsten Soft, chosen with seven goals of the best thrower and later to the Man of the Match, was allowed to close too often from the second row in the first section.

In defense and attack, the DHB selection lacked solutions to embarrass the Vice world champion of 2017 and 2019. Gílson had to react and turned to the 3: 2: 1 defense with Foster at the top before the tournament, brought Daniel Reimann between the posts.

Individual class is committed by

However, as a red thread through the game, the German team had to fight for every single goal, while Norway came back and again to simple hits out of the back. In the moments in which Gílson’s protégés could have recurred again, the necessary cleverness was missing. Some unfortunate decisions of the Slovenian referee Bajan LAH and David So did the rest.

In the final quarter-hour, the individual class of the Norwegian became more and more clear. In the best cast was the team of Coach Mountains for the DHB selection weakened with eleven Corona cases was too strong and ripped off. After 60 minutes it was 28:23 for Norway. The semi-final opportunities of the German team have fallen significantly in view of 2: 4 points. Only the two best teams of the two six groups reach the final part.

The table situation of the German main round group

For the German team, on Sunday (18 o’clock, live! At Norway) continue with the next heavy game against Sweden. The reigning Vice World Champion made short process with Poland on Friday. On the Norwegians, now at 4: 2 points, waiting for two and a half hours later the duel with the Spaniards still lost in the tournament, which needed against Russia in the final second but postpone.

Germany – Norway 23:28 (12:14)

Germany: Bitter (HSV Hamburg), Reimann (fresh on Göttingen) – Golda (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 4, Foster (VFL Gummersbach) 3, Weber (SC Magdeburg) 3, Eichmann (Mt Messenger) 2, Wide (Fuchs Berlin) 2, Vienna CEA (THW Kiel) 2, Were (TBV Lego Lipped) 2, Viewer (TVB Stuttgart) 2, D. Schmidt (Burnisher HC) 1, Steiner (HC Erlangen) 1, State (Burnisher HC) 1
Norway: Berger, Cameras – Thorsteinsen Soft 7, Harold 4/1, Sago sen 4, Johnson 3, Ranking 3, Sols tad 2, Overjoyed 2, O’Sullivan 1, Tonnes 1, Overly 1
Referee: Bajan LAH (Slovenia) / David So (Slovenia)
Spectators: 2021
Criminal minutes: 4/6
Disqualification: \ – / –

PS4s production was never planned to end in 2021 according to Sony

Earlier this month, a new report appeared indicating that Sony would increase the number of PlayStation 4 units that was producing in 2022 as a way to compensate the continuous scarcity of PlayStation 5. In addition, he said that Sony originally planned to stop production in Its set for PS4 at the end of last year. When this news emerged, many fans were a bit disconcerted, especially considering how Sony has handled the jumps between generations in the past. Now, Sony itself has apparently discredited this report thanks to a new statement that has occurred.

At a date given to Japanese LAB publication, a Sony spokesman revealed that he was never in the company’s plans to finish the production of PlayStation 4 in 2021. In addition, the number of PS4 consoles that will be manufactured in the course of 2022 as a way to compensate for the scarcity of PS5. There was no plan to end the production of PS4 at the end of last year (2021), said Sony representative in a translated statement. «PS4 is one of the best-selling games consoles for SHE and, as well as the hardware of the past, produces and sells old and new hardware in parallel during the generation transition period».


As Sony itself made it clear here, it has been a common trend in the past that the company continues selling state-of-the-art hardware for a long period of time after the launch of a new console. For example, the PlayStation 3 was not officially discontinued until 2016, almost three years after the launch of the PlayStation 4. So, although the production of the PS4 will surely come to an end at some point due to the prominence of PS5, it is still Too soon so that Sony does, especially with titles such as Ions of the Ragnarök war and forbidden West will continue to reach PS4 this year.

When can you see Sony officially finishing the life cycle of the PS4? And given the success of the console, do you think new units will continue to be produced for a longer period of time than normal? Let me know in the comments section, or you can send me a message on social networks to @ mooreman12.

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