The relief was called Jens Härtel in the interview after the game, the long winning series and not only that had left her traces of the Rostock coach. His conclusion towards “Sky” after the first threesome after four draws and three defeats – and previously eleven unsuccessful attempts against Dynamo (0/5/6, league first win since 2011): “Hunger and the joy is all the greater – just in the Derby, where we got on the sack even in the first leg. Such a derby is a derby, it always makes it special. “

The hunger and the joy is all the greater – just in the Derby, where we got on the sack in the first leg.

1994 Ever Ready Derby Stakes

Jens Härtel

The foundation for victory had laid Goal John Verhoek, the Haris Duljevic’s flank nodded at Saisontor number elf (6.). “We finally used the first chance,” said Härtel, “and then you can see how to role”.

And how! Nils Fröling advanced to Torpremiere (10th) at the 3-0 to the double packer (13th), both times had delivered StarTelf returnee Hanno Behrens the assist delivered. And because goal shooting is so beautiful and the opponent did not choose great, Verkeek could not rag again and put again (18.). Never before had a (second division) team outwards faster four goals achieved as a Rostock (previously Orgebirge Aue at 5: 3 in Karlsruhe in the season 2003/04 record holder).

Training effort was worth it

At least record succession were also the three head barrels, which Hansa had achieved at 4: 1. In this regard, Härtel initially brought smilting the good old header pendulum into the game before he relativized: one in this section “More invested in training”, and “today did everything worked out”.

How important the threesome was, can also be read in the table. After the third last had defeated from Sandhausen Aue with 2: 0 and now has 20 points on the account, this with now 24 meters with Dresden point equal Rostock conserved the projection on the relegation place.