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The launch date of The Stanley is announced: Ultra Deluxe

While the announcement was subject to teasing accidentally a few days ago, developers Crows Crows Crows and Galactic Cafe have now officially revealed that The parable of Stanley: Ultra deluxe has a launch date. The game will debut on April 27 on several different platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC through Steam. The game will cost $ 24.99. The ad was made along with a completely new trailer, which reproduces the unique narrative of the game, while showing some of the graphic improvements made with respect to the 2013 version.

The new trailer of The parable of Stanley: Ultra Deluxe can be found on the Tweet embedded below. The fanatics will be happy to know that the ultra the version of the game will see the return of Kevan Brighting as a narrator.

Fans of The parable of Stanley will appreciate the importance of the date of launch of the game, which falls on 27/4. In the game, Stanley is the employee number 427, where he works at office number 427. In the game, Stanley works on a computer, entering the directives he has given him without thinking. However, those directives are finally stopped, and when he is going to explore the building, he discovers that he can hear the suggestions of the narrator or act on his account. The previous progress emphasizes that dynamic and how narrative plays a fundamental role in the game.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe - Release Date Trailer | PS5, PS4
The parable of Stanley launched with strong praise from criticism when it was launched for the first time, and the Ultra version will offer a series of improvements, both visually and in the number of options that will be presented to the players. It remains to be seen if this version will be equally well received, but hopefully it will be nice for newcomers and for those who played the original version. _The parable of Stanley: Ultra deluxe was originally supposed to be launched in 2019, but it has been delayed several times. It has been a very long wait for the game fans, but fortunately, the end is almost in sight!

Did you play the original version of The parable of Stanley? Are you happy that it ultra luxury version comes soon? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Dyson Zone: a helmet

For several years, Dyson has been multiplying ambitious projects off electro-household. After invested 2.24 billion dollars in an electric car that was finally abandoned, the English brand has just revealed on Wednesday, March 30, 2022 the arrival of an active noise-reduced audio headset, equipped with a Air purifier, whose design recalls the devices that can be seen in science fiction films. Called “Dyson Zone”, the device is the result of 6 years of development, nearly 500 prototypes made before reaching the object that can be seen in photo and videos. Dyson even explains that at all departure, the helmet was connected to a backpack that contained all filtration equipment before becoming the standalone helmet that can be seen today.

Dyson Zone Is Real: How the Air-Purifying Headphones Work

Industrial secret that has been secretly kept during all these years, this Dyson Zone once again proves this desire for the British business to diversify in connected objects, with this notion of struggle tale the great ills of our world of today HUI: Noise, pollution and microbes. We remember that Razer has created its anti-covid mask equipped with Chroma RGB, so it’s Dyson’s turn to show us how we combine listening to the opportunity to breathe in large cities around the world. And if the Dyson helmet makes no mention for anti-COVD use, it is because the project started many years before the arrival of the viral pandemic.

In the first place, the Dyson Zone is a supra-ear helmet that aims to isolate ourselves with all the noise pollution that can assack us on a daily basis, especially if we live in a big city. Like the major noise-reduced audio helmet manufacturers, the Dyson Signed apparatus does not have less than 8 microphones that capture the outer noise and then cancel them. If the audio part is not developed in the press release, it is to focus on all the technology that has been put in place to filter the air. It is therefore learned that the Dyson Zone is equipped with two batteries at its hoop, but that each headset contains neodymium speakers in which compressors that recover the ambient air, filter it and then send it towards the mouth of the user. Dyson claims a 99% filtration level through the use of potassium-enriched charcoal filters. Again, there are many years of reflection to combine this technology and in the video presentation of the helmet, we realize that the first prototypes integrated a tuba that connected the helmet to the mouth of the user. According to Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer at Dyson, it was a real challenge:

Air pollution is a global problem – it affects us wherever we go. At home, at school, at work and in our travel, whether on foot, bike or public transport or private. The Dyson Zone purifies the air you breathe during your movements. And unlike the facial masks, it delivers a fresh aircrape without touching your face, using high performance filters and two miniaturized air pumps. After six years of development, we are delighted to provide pure air and pure sound, anywhere.

If Dyson confesses having left a subcontractor to take care of the entire audio party (which is not well detailed in the press release), the entire air purification system has been managed internally, with all The know-how of the brand known for its vacuum cleaners, fans and other hairdryers that often cost a fortune when we must not resell a kidney to pay 1. According to the data sheet, the Dyson Zone would offer a 40-hour autonomy for audio and 6 hours of use when headphones and air purification are used together. At present, only the site The Verge has been able to test this Dyson area that seems to keep its promises. The only black point evoked lies in the noise of the filtration system that remains unfortunately audible, and that it will be necessary to correct for not harming its use. For the time being, no tariffs have been communicated, but Dyson announces marketing during the year 2023 no more details. Obviously know that it is not an April Fool, since the device is presented on the official website of the manufacturer.

Wow: The verdict – so ends the story of Sylvanas in Shadowlands

The last chapter of the Shadowlands campaign is finally here! We have to wait a long time, finally Steve Danuser, the Narrative Lead of Wow, announced a few weeks ago that the grand final of Shadowlands will hit us from the socks . And behold, he did not promise us too much. At least not when it comes to the story of Sylvana’s wind runners. After we defeated the Chairman and saved Azeroth, the former Bansheekönigin voluntarily returns to Oribos to step in front of the new judges.

Sylvanas Gets Banished - New WoW Leak Ends THE ENTIRE Warcraft Story
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Pelagos should speak a judgment and decide what happens next to Sylvanas. It seems strange that Pelagos should focus on their soul, as Sylvanas is technically not dead. Nevertheless, with the new judge breaks in the Shadowlands a new age . In his first speech, Pelagos announced that he is convinced that every soul, no matter how spoiled she may be a second chance deserves. This means that there will be no damn and no eternal punishment for the spoiled souls. Anyone who has guiled worse crimes during his lifetime will land in Revendrth after his death and no longer in the Schlund. Thus, this damn soul is spared the bad end.

Sylvanas also earns a second chance?

When the Banshee occurs in front of Pelagos, he explains to the audience that the flaw of the Chairman adheres to them all. Sylvanas interrupts his speech and means that she is responsible for her deeds himself. She was not the servant of the Charter Master, but his allies. He did not exercise control over her mind and body. Sylvanas explains that she is ready to wear the consequences for her deeds.

Anduin hesitates briefly as Pelagos asks the round if anyone wants to raise an objection to the verdict. However, he decides to silence. Source: Sylvanas Sylvanas’ words do not quite comply with the truth. Without your soul splitter, which you get back in the sanctum of domination, your soul was not complete. Well, this complex story with fragmented souls is much too complex to explain it reasonable to the large audience in the chamber.

Until the Chairman, no one knows anyway as exactly how the souls work. For Sylvanas, your soul splitter no longer plays role, you want to end your long martyrdom as soon as possible. Honestly, a similarly long process like Garrosh Hellschrei at the end of Mistt’s Pandaria would be terrible boring.

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Sonys PS3 Streaming Games Provoke a Storm on Social Networks

Image: PlayStation

Always contrary, we are carefully optimistic about the redesign of Sony ps more subscription. On the basis of what we know so far – what, certainly, is not much – we think that the redesign is welcome and necessary, and we have been pleasantly surprised by some features. While the rumor was running, we were skeptical about PS1 games that would make the final assembly, and we are delighted to see also the PS2 and the included PSP.

The problem is that PS PS Players will have to use the cloud streaming to play the classic PS3 games, a decision – without context – has a terrible optics, even Sony would agree. Our understanding has always been that the PS3 is simply too complicated to emulate, although this argument has been somewhat demystified by the RPCS3 program, which perfectly executes some PS3 games on PC.

Although its performances are not perfect, the argument is that it is an amateur product produced by amateurs who will never have the same understanding of the PS3 architecture that Sony, with his original design documentation and all. A tweet that has become viral from the day to the next-endpayed by Dimitris Giannakis – also known as Modern Vintage Gamer – said emulation is “absolutely possible”.

He explained: “The emulation of the PS3 is quite possible on the PS5 material. However, Sony has never been interested in investing millions to get there. In a follow-up video, he developed this, explaining that even though he thinks that PS3 emulation could be realized, it would be a multi-year project that would cost several millions and could deal with several obstacles in the field of licenses. road.

The famous Fan of FromSoftware, Lance McDonald – who created a patch of 60 frames per second for Bloodborne – added: “I can not forget that Sony announces that they have a PS1 and PS2 operational emulator on the PS4 material and PS5 but they are launching both behind subscription fees and do not allow you to read the discs you already have. In addition, they still can not get PS3 emulation on PS5.

It should be noted that neither PS5 nor PS4 can read CDs, so physical PS1 supports were never supported for this reason alone, but we take stock. Speaking of backward compatibility, the big cap of PlayStation Jim Ryan specified last year that “compromises” must be made when designing a system, because “time, engineering resources and money are all limits “.

So, is PS3 emulation feasible on PS5, and what kind of financial investment would it require Sony? This is a question that, frankly, only PlayStation leaders can have the answer. We will continue to ask questions about this and we will update when we know more, but it seems that it will remain an unfortunate gap in the organizations’ offers in the foreseeable future.

PS Plus: Best feature of the Xbox Game Pass is missing because it would play Sonys play

Sony has missed his subscription PS plus a new painting. Thus, PlayStation approaches the competitor Xbox and its established Game Pass. One thing you want to do with PS plus but different: For the time being, no in-house games will be included in the PS-Plus subscription release in order to secure the quality of the games.

PS Plus: No Sony games to the release

Only recently Sony revealed his new concept for the subscription PS Plus. While the base subscription does not differentiate from the original PS plus, the combine two new subscription models PS PLUS and PS NOW – and thus approach the Xbox Game Pass.

Sony Responds To Xbox Game Pass...
A bitter pill need to swallow PlayStation players, because in no one of the three subscriptions there will be games of First-Party developers to release – at least not in the next time . This confirms PlayStation boss Jim Ryan in an interview with Gamesindustry.

_ “So I do not want to chide nothing in stone at this time. I only talk about the approach that we pursue for a short view. As our publishing model works at the moment, it does not make sense. But things can change very quickly in this industry, as we all know. ” (Source: Gamesindustry) _

The quality of Sony games would otherwise suffer

In the interview PlayStation-CEO Jim Ryan also explains why Sony decides against Microsoft’s strategy for the time being. He speaks of a functioning cycle , because investing in their own studios and games lead to success, which enables further investment, which in turn lead to even more success. To make Sony games for subscription members of day one available, could break this cycle and result in a domino effect.

_ “The amount of investments we need to work in our studios would not be possible and we believe that the impact on the quality of the games , which we develop can not be desired by the players.” _

At the same time, many players would surely be happy to be able to play Games like God of War Ragnarök or Spider-Man 2 directly to the start with PS Plus. It will be foreseeable if Sony will eventually change his mind.

PlayStation 5: Analysts: subscription

As a result of the official announcement of the new PlayStation Plus Service, the information confirmed that Sony’s popular first party productions in none of the three levels of the subscription will be included directly after publication.

Now some well-known analysts have come to this step. While most of them were that the lack of exclusive games, the Sony model will cost a lot of attraction compared to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, but the opinions differed with regard to the expected scope of the decision.

According to Piers Harding Rolls from Ampere Analysis, Sony could compensate for the lower attraction of the service, for example, by an aggressive strategy:

“I think Sony will be more aggressive in terms of the time window between the publication of new games and integration and the addition of newly published third-party productions.”

On the question of how the decision will affect the success of the service, Michael Goodman of Strategy Analytics replied as follows:

“That’s a question that will ultimately dictate the market.”

“Microsoft publishes its titles directly at the subscription was a crucial factor for your success. We will see how important the playstation fans is. “

“There are also arguments that it is not so important. Nintendo has done great work with Nintendo Switch online. It was very successful, although it only contains older games. “

“However, the great growth of Microsoft took place when they published from day one in subscription. It is worth noting that they do not compete against each other in this regard. They mainly address their existing installation base. “

Goodman additionally realizes that, unlike 40% of the Xbox owners, which also have Xbox Game Pass Membership, only about 5% of the PlayStation users currently name a PlayStation Nov subscription. This will now be able to convince from the new subscription service.

According to IDCS Lewis Ward, the new structure will probably pay off exactly due to the previously comparatively low subscriber number:

'All-New PlayStation Plus' Subscription Tiers Explained - IGN Daily Fix

“We’ll see if Sony reveals anything about how the subscribers divide into steps over time, but it does not seem to be a high level of bar to keep premium subscribers in 2022 on or above the four million mark [Current IDC estimate for PS NOW subscribers], while at the same time a considerable new extra subscriber base is gained on download only. “

Streets of Rage 4 will arrive at mobile devices

Streets of Rage 4 Review - The Final Verdict
In 2020, Dotemu and Lizardcube launched Calles de Rabia 4, a new entry into the beloved Beat Franchise ‘Em Up. The game was launched on several different platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but soon it will also be launched on mobile devices. PLAYDIGIOUS will be responsible for the publication tasks of the iOS and Android versions, which will be launched on May 24. Fans interested in seeing the game when they launch have the opportunity to place an early order at the application store, where it will cost $ 7.99. Android users can also pre-register to save up to 10%.

PLAYDIGIOUS announced the mobile version of the game on Twitter, along with a completely new video. The video includes images of the mobile version game, which should give viewers an idea of how mobile controls will work. Readers can find it incrusted below.

While fanatics still have about two months to wait for the mobile version of Calles of Rabia 4 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can already play the game on iOS and Android devices. Calles of Rabia 4 is currently available through Xbox Cloud Gaming and is one of several games that support touch screen controls. From the video above, it seems that there are some differences with the Game Pass version; The control configuration is slightly different and the screen has a new frame. Of course, the mobile version can probably be played offline, unlike the Xbox Cloud version.

The Streets of Rage series saw three releases in Sega Genesis, but the franchise disappeared after the launch in 1994 of Calles of Rabia 3. Consequently, the announcement of Calles of Rabia 4 generated a lot of emotion among the fanatics of the series for a long time, and the game was launched with criticism mostly solid. It remains to be seen how the versions of iOS and Android are compared with their console counterparts, but we hope that the experience will continue to be nice!

Do you plan to take a look? Calles of rage 4 on mobile? Have you played the game on other platforms? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Xbox Games With Gold in April 2022: These are the 4 free

Who has an Xbox Live Gold subscription, gets every month from Microsoft spending four games that can be downloaded and played away from the subscription charges without further costs. So also in April 2022, for which Microsoft has now announced the games with gold .

The Games With Gold Games in April 2022

As in previous months, the Games With Gold is two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 titles, but they are also playable backwards on the Xbox Series X / S. Downloadable are the titles in the specified periods.

These games get her :

  • Another Sight (1 to 30 April)
  • Hue (16 April to 15 May)
  • Outpost kaloki x (1 to 15 April)
  • MX Vs. ATV ALIVE (16 to 30 April)

in the spotlight for the month April: Another Sight

  • Genre: Action Adventure

Xbox - April 2022 Games with Gold

It’s about it : Another Sight is an action adventure with steampunk elements that settled in the late Victorian England in 1899. At the center of the game, the girl is kit, which is blinded by an accident. You stand aside the mysterious red cat Hodge and both tracks the way through the Surreal Underground London. Discover a secret community of contemporary spirit sizes such as Claude Monet, Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla.

All information about Xbox Live Gold

If you want to know more about the Xbox Live Gold Service from Microsoft, we have listed all the important information for you in the following article, including everything important at prices and advantages of the service.

__18 __0

more on the subject

Xbox Live Gold Games, Prices, Advantages: All information about the service


What’s going on at the other subscription services?

For the PlayStation-Service PS plus no new games have been announced so far, but this will happen this week. Then it is probably also “only” still to act a confirmation of a leak, which has already betrayed the PS plus games for April 2022.

__22 __0

more on the subject

PS plus in April 2022: new free games already jelly


At PS Plus, there will be some greater changes in the future. Because in addition to the existing offer Sony expands the service with additional options that offer more costs, but also more advantages. Everything you need to know about you in our big article for PS Plus-Evolution .

Are you looking forward to the new games at Games With Gold?

Achestra Meron Mercus Humanoid Robot Prototype,

Meron Maclon said that the production of Humanoid Robot ‘Optimus’ equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) by the end of next year.

US Economic Paper Fortune reported that the Meron Mem Meron said on the 28th (local time) that he said through interview with the German media ‘belt canceremia’.

He said, “It will be good for the concept of concept by the end of December next year,” he said he would be ready to produce Optimus by the end of next year.

The musk said, “Humanoid robot comes. See Boston Dai My Mix. They are making a better model every year, “he added.

Last January, Musk was the most important to Tesla, as the Tesla product roadmap update site, and it was not a full autonomous (FSD) completion and Humanoid Robot Optimus development, not the automotive development. Fortune analyzed that Tesla has been in the process of being in the process of registering to the artificial intelligence (AI) company in the current automobile manufacturer.

Elon Musk REVEALS Tesla Bot (full presentation)
The Humanoid Robot, the first August, the first August, the AI ​​technology, which is used in Tesla’s AutoTopilut software and hardware, and the height of about 172 cm and weight is about 57 kg and it will be made of light material.

However, Fortune spent doubt that AI (AI) Division (AI) division (AI) division (AI) division (AI) andRej Karpathy (Andrej Karpathy) spent the doubt that he had left a holiday vacation in the last four months.

It is because Tesla does not even understand that the total officer empties a long time for a long time at the time of Tesla has advanced and conducting Humanoid Robot development.

In addition, there was a day that Doug Field Tesla Hardware Development Vice President, who left vacations for the past rechargement, has ever been to the Apple. Currently, the Doug Field is responsible for electrical vehicle operational engineering.

Currently, Kapa-shi appears to be the intent to return to Tesla.

However, the media for Tesla executives is higher than other companies, so investors are sending concerns that they are sending concerns.

FC Bayern probably interested in Leipzig

FC Bayern Munich is apparently interested in offensive Christopher Nkunku by Bundesliga competitor RB Leipzig. This reports Sport1.

Accordingly, it continues to enjoy a contract extension of Serge Gnabry Priority (contract until 2023), but with a failure of the negotiations one would deal with a commitment of the French national player. Talks there were information from Christopher Nkunku and Goal but not yet.

Especially at Julian Nagelsmann Nkunku is said to be high in the course, the FCB coach is considered a big fan of the 24-year-old. However, the transfer fee could be difficult for the Munich. The Frenchman is still under contract at the Leipzigen until 2024, his current market value amounts to almost 70 million euros.

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Nkunku makes this season with extremely strong achievements of themselves. In 39 competitive games for Leipzig he scored 26 hits, 15 other goals he also prepared.

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