Already for our test we had to deal with the diverse fauna of Elden Ring and also the best weapons of the game often hide behind the fearsome opponents, which keeps the Open World Roll game so for players. Because though from software had to fill a tremendous world with enemies, the arsenal is pretty impressive at indeterminations.

So that you do not lose the overview of the number of different creatures while the number of different creatures, a Bestiarium would have been quite practical: a lexicon so that the many different opponents listed as soon as you have met or defeated them for the first time. Unfortunately, Elden Ring fans have to do without such a feature – though it seems to be planned.

Enemy icons reveal potentially planned bestiary

DataMiner JesterPatches has tried around the code of Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) and promoted some interesting files to days. These are a large number of symbols that show the faces of the many opponents of the game and suggest that a comprehensive bestiary was planned. JesterPatches writes to his find on Twitter:

_ “When looking through the files of the game, I came across some symbols that let me believe that at a point a bestiary was planned. There are 128 symbols that show different NPCs. Each NPC has 2 icons, grayed out and one filled, that could not be found and found. “_

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Despite the large number of symbols, but none of the bosses seem to be among them: _ “So there are 64 unique symbols. The ranges of normal soldiers and noble, to animals, half-men, even godskalpe and a couple, I do not even recognize again, but I do not see big bosses here. My favorites are what I would identify as Caelid dog, Caelid crow and dove. “_

Fans now speculate whether they really are a planned bestiary or the symbols might have a different meaning. In addition, some players raise the consideration as to whether the opponent lexicon may not have been completely discarded, but could still be submitted in a future DLC .

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