Who has an Xbox Live Gold subscription, gets every month from Microsoft spending four games that can be downloaded and played away from the subscription charges without further costs. So also in April 2022, for which Microsoft has now announced the games with gold .

The Games With Gold Games in April 2022

As in previous months, the Games With Gold is two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 titles, but they are also playable backwards on the Xbox Series X / S. Downloadable are the titles in the specified periods.

These games get her :

  • Another Sight (1 to 30 April)
  • Hue (16 April to 15 May)
  • Outpost kaloki x (1 to 15 April)
  • MX Vs. ATV ALIVE (16 to 30 April)

in the spotlight for the month April: Another Sight

  • Genre: Action Adventure

Xbox - April 2022 Games with Gold

It’s about it : Another Sight is an action adventure with steampunk elements that settled in the late Victorian England in 1899. At the center of the game, the girl is kit, which is blinded by an accident. You stand aside the mysterious red cat Hodge and both tracks the way through the Surreal Underground London. Discover a secret community of contemporary spirit sizes such as Claude Monet, Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla.

All information about Xbox Live Gold

If you want to know more about the Xbox Live Gold Service from Microsoft, we have listed all the important information for you in the following article, including everything important at prices and advantages of the service.

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What’s going on at the other subscription services?

For the PlayStation-Service PS plus no new games have been announced so far, but this will happen this week. Then it is probably also “only” still to act a confirmation of a leak, which has already betrayed the PS plus games for April 2022.

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At PS Plus, there will be some greater changes in the future. Because in addition to the existing offer Sony expands the service with additional options that offer more costs, but also more advantages. Everything you need to know about you in our big article for PS Plus-Evolution .

Are you looking forward to the new games at Games With Gold?