Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye -hyun) announced on the 3rd and first quarter of 2022.

In 1Q sales, which applied the Korea International Accounting Standards (K-IFRS), increased by 105% YoY to W26.3bn, and operating profit increased by 170% to W42.1bn.

In the first quarter of 2022, efficient cost execution and development of the existing mobile and PC online game sales were made.

The mobile game division achieved sales of approximately KRW 177.2 billion, up 195% year -on -year, based on the stabilization of domestic sales and Taiwan’s domestic sales. In particular, ‘Odin’, which first entered the global market, is a successful global global company, even though it is a new IP (Intellectual Property), which has achieved sales of about 50 billion won for a month after the launch of Taiwan in late March. It announced the market expansion.

The PC online game division recorded sales of approximately 14.6 billion won, down 71% year -on -year due to stabilization of existing titles.

In addition, thanks to the sustainable growth of Kakao VX and the stable sales of Sena Technology, other sales increased by 294% year -on -year, achieving about 74.5 billion won, and contributed to the overall sales increase.

Kakao Games is planning to make a second leap through the global launch of the leading titles and the sequential launch of new works. In addition, it will lead to further growth through securing global IP and differentiated blockchain platform business.

First of all, with the launch of Mega Hit Expectation ‘Umamus Me Pretty Derby’, the world’s best graphic quality collective RPG ‘Ever Soul’, which is expected to achieve global market in the second half,, and differentiated future worldview MMORPG ‘Ares: Rise of Guardians’ In addition, various genres of games such as PC online survival game ‘Distera’ and XL Games’ new mobile works are being prepared sequentially.

In addition, the company invests in a promising studio with excellent development power to strengthen its lineup and expand its global capabilities not only in the game but also in the non -game division.

In addition, the Boran Network is preparing to launch more than 10 games this year, including Meta Bora’s Buddy Shot, XL Games’ Aki World, and Rising Wings, a subsidiary of Craepon’s subsidiary, Rising Wings.

In addition, through cooperation with domestic and foreign governance councils, the company plans to expand the purple platform ecosystem to overseas markets by introducing various contents services such as ‘Games’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Entertainment’.