I have driven go-kart a few times in my life and had a lot of fun every time. And even if I often feel like it, it usually stays on a virtual race trip, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. But if I look at a very specific go kart track in Cologne, then it itches me in my fingers-or better: in the gas foot-that I would like to go straight to North Rhine-Westphalia.

What kind of go kart track is that? It is the “Battle Kart: Beyond Reality” karthalle, which opened its doors in August last year and connects real kart racing with virtual elements. You sit in a real go-kart, while virtual elements such as obstacles or the route are projected onto the ground.

Use items as with the famous model

This then allows different game modes such as the “Battle Race”, in which extra gafts can actually be used – just like with Mario Kart. Sensors in the karts should recognize hits or, for example, punish those who try to take abbreviations.

Tobias Veltin

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Even if Tobi is mainly virtually traveling when it comes to racing, there were always overlap points with real racing. In addition to the go-kart races mentioned, a tour in the racing taxi at the Nürburgring Nordschleife is one of its most impressive experiences in this area.

Mariokart Meme Mukbang
In addition to the classic race, there are also modes in which the largest possible parts of the surface have to be brushed in your own color or a variation of the Snake cell phone cult game, in which you should not drive into the specially colored tail.

Since videos say more than a thousand words, there is one from the Battle Race:

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Of course it is not a “real” Mario Kart route, but the corresponding license is missing, but the principle is extremely strongly based on it. And Battle Kart seems to interweave the whole thing in a way that I have never seen personally and that really makes me want to try it out. Just to see if it feels as much as Mario Kart, what it looks like. The user ratings that I read crossing on various sides after my discovery of the train are largely positive, at least the whole thing seems to be not an optical blender.

On the official website of the Karthalle you can find more information and videos about the game modes etc. A price list is also available and as usual for go-kart trips, the whole thing is not a particularly favorable pleasure. For my part, however, I will definitely drive a round if I should be in Cologne or the surrounding area again.

Have you ever been to the “Mario Kart” hall? And how did you like it?