Riot Games has started working on the following big things coming to League of Legends and has released a mysterious image of Kai’Sa that hints toward the release of Bel’Veth. This illustration also hides a great secret with additional information.

The League of Legends community has been waiting to announce a new champion for months, and Riot Games has broken its silence. We speak metaphorically since the company has not wanted to say a word regarding the launch of Bel’Veth. However, it has made a mysterious publication on its website with which it tried to illustrate the arrival of a significant threat from the void. Everything points to the new character and an event that would take place over the next few weeks.

The clue about the next big thing in League of Legends
So far, the only clue we have about Riot Games’ upcoming announcement is the altered image we can see in Kai’Sa ‘s bio. The champion has a great relationship with the void, having managed to escape to this territory and maintain a constant fight against her creatures. If we pay attention to the complete changes she has received to her splash art, we can see several butterflies and new fish-like animals appear. These fish have been linked to possible Bel’Veth abilities in one of the leaks.

However, the advances do not end here. The image on the official lore website about League of Legends champions has an interactive element. If we click on the eye or the butterfly, we will open different videos dedicated to Vel’Koz and Malzahar. They show how a mysterious character, possibly Bel’Veth communicates with them, making public his intention to establish a new order in Runeterra. In this sense, the story seems moderately similar to the Ruined King, with a tremendous threat over the entire continent of League of Legends.

To discover the video for yourself, you can go to Kai’Sa’s official biography page.
Riot Games has yet to make any further statements regarding Bel’Veth or the possible event that could take place regarding its release. However, the developer has given the significant blow of authority that the community needed once almost everything about the character had been leaked. Accompanying this situation of the significant changes that the game is about to receive, the truth is that there have been few such exciting times for League of Legends fans.