The Witcher 3: NEXT GEN Version Is COMING THIS YEAR! It's OFFICIALL OMG! Here's What We Know So Far
Originally planned by the end of 2021, the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 was delayed for the second quarter of 2022. However, CD Projekt Red revealed in April that this promise could not be fulfilled, indefinitely delaying this update. Now, today, The European company has indicated that the witcher 3 will finally reach PS5 and Xbox Series x | s at the end of this year.

Through its official Twitter account, it was revealed that The Witcher 3_ For the new consoles it will be available at some point in the last quarter of 2022. This means that the update will arrive between October and December of this year. At the moment there is no specific date.

This announcement was made as part of the celebrations for the seventh anniversary of the Witcher 3. The update will be free for users of PS4, Xbox One and PC, with which they will have access to improved versions on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and on PC with higher specifications. Along with this, we will also see content inspired by the Netflix The Witcher series.

We just hope that another delay will be announced in a couple of weeks or months. The Next-Gen update of the witcher 3 will reach the end of 2022 . In related issues, the more spin-off of The Witcher will arrive at Netflix. Similarly, the official synopsis of the third season of the series has been revealed.

Editor’s note:

It is time for this expected update to be available. Considering all the projects that CD Projekt Red at Puerta, the Next-Gen version of the Witcher 3 must have been one of the company’s main concerns, in order to take a weight as soon as possible.