V Rising is the game of the moment. After being released in advance access two days ago, the title is already number 1 in sales on Steam. The creators of the remarkable hero brawler Battlerite bring us a vampire sandbox in which we can build our castle, create our weapons and armor, and fight against all kinds of beasts.

After just 48 hours, Stunlock Studios has already been surprised with the first patch. It is a relatively minor update, focused on solving some problems and bugs known to the players, and it will have the servers in maintenance for half an hour. We are focused on optimizing the servers to make sure they run smoothly as silk despite the massive number of players they are receiving, but we have also been able to add a couple of important bug fixes, they say from the study.

Patch Notes 0.5.41237
General server optimizations to improve server stability and performance.
Fixed an issue where the day-night cycle could become out of sync if server settings were altered.
Fixed an issue where explosives could be used to blow up palisades on PvE servers and PvP servers outside of the restricted time window.
Fixed an issue where interacting with haystacks in the world would cause players to be pushed out of the world instead of hiding inside.
Tooltips for Tainted, Unsullied, and Exquisite Hearts have been updated to communicate the purpose of these items better.
Castle status now displays a warning when you have less than 24 hours of blood essence upkeep in your castle.
Some minor tweaks to the drop table. Immaculate Hearts should now be more accessible to obtain as drops from standard units.
The server list colors for the different game modes have been changed to communicate the main types more clearly when browsing the server list.
Added text for the journal when not tracking a Blood V unit to communicate better the importance of tracking and obtaining new tech and recipes. This text is only displayed until some Blood V units have been defeated.

Success in the making?
The first comparisons are more than obvious. About a year ago, Valheim was released in early access, a Viking title that had us stuck fighting bosses, crafting weapons, and gathering resources. Although it is more focused on action and recycles some of Battlerite when it comes to combat, the truth is that it is an even more complex game.