The second day of the league with more flow began with great emotions that are only experienced in the summoner’s crack after what was shown the previous day, seeing the management of several compositions different from those of the last day to continue looking for moves that allow the teams to dispose of their rivals during the matches in the best possible way in search of each one’s victory.

Starting the first game, we saw Malvinas Gaming facing Boca Juniors Gaming, giving an outstanding performance throughout the game on both sides. Still, little by slight, the team from Boca took advantage of playing to get the soul of hell that would give them a significant advantage inside of the game, and with the well-executed fight,s they would achieve victory in their favor.

In the second game, we saw Maycam Evolve fighting against Undead Gaming where things were quiet even during the duel, but the bears were starting to get an early advantage. However, the undead was on the ropes, but with magical flashes, they were beginning to get turn around within the duel to take the victory in this game.

The day’s third game would face 9z against Leviathan, where the Leviathan’s top layer Buggax would be pretty present in the different lanes with a Camille. She would be essential in the fights to let her team get to do the damage from the back and thus take the win in his favor.

For the fourth game, we could see how New Pampas looked to bring down Ebro Gaming taking the advantage in the early game with an Enga that took the mid lane in his favor with an Anivia that cooled things down in his turn and combined with the aggressiveness of Kindless They did their thing getting the victory.

In the fifth match, we could see KRÜ Esports against River Plate, where the rojiblanco team would take aggressiveness as its primary tool with a Horus that abused Tristana’s jumps to get bright gold that gave him fortunate the opportunity to close the map with River’s victory.

Closing the day with a WAP Esports heads-up duel with Stone Esports, where Aug’s work with a Wukong was excellent to give resources to his team that would give him the advantage during the match even though the soul of dragons did not. It was in favor of WAP, and the team managed to take the victory.

This concludes the second day of the Master Flow league, where we could see the fall of the current champion of the company and how several of the teams show different tools than those we saw the day before. Today there are more games to enjoy and see who gets the top of the tournament this week.