Genshin Impact has characters that can fulfill more than one role: a fighter that deals damage or creates elemental reactions. Some can heal and provide shields, while others have more than one function — this is the case for Mona, a 5-star hydro character. Next, we show each character role’s best builds (attribute setting).
It is worth remembering that these builds are not definitive. Genshin Impact gives the player the possibility to test the limits of their characters, and, being a gacha, it is necessary to work with the resources at hand. So, if your Mona manages to do the job using other resources, there’s no problem with that, okay?

Mona’s abilities
Mona was one of the characters who arrived at Genshin Impact’s beginning but is highly effective if placed on the right team. She causes area-of-effect elemental reactions with her powers: Illusory Water, an essential ability, creates an imaginary ghost that taunts enemies, drawing their attacks. While taunting opponents, the spirit deals constant hydro damage, and when the skill times out, it explodes into hydro damage in an area.

Divine Orbit, Mona’s ultimate ability, creates the Illusory Bubble, an aquatic dimension that leaves enemies wet and opponents weaker and immobile. When an opponent affected by the bubble is hit, the Omen passive is activated, which increases the damage taken by enemies. The Illusory Bubble breaks down and deals with hydro elemental damage at the end of the skill’s effect.

Possible builds for Mona in Genshin Impact
Mona can be used in a few ways: as a primary attack DPS (damage per second), dealing a lot of hydro damage with her hits; as a supporting character who abuses her ultimate to increase her characters’ DPS damage; or else being the support that hits enemies through their elemental reactions.

Build of damage
Astrologer can be a DPS fighter, despite being a more advanced gameplay style for players, as it relies heavily on her charged attacks and varied elemental reactions to deal damage. In this case, characters that cause Vaporize or Freeze reactions suit Mona’s DPS style well. Check out the recommended artifacts and weapons for this build below:
Recommended weapons: Solar Pearl (Critical Rate), Lost Prayer of the Four Winds (Critical Rate), or Eye of Perception (ATK %).
Artifacts: Ancient Royal Ritual (2 Pieces) and Gladiator’s Last Oath (2 Pieces) or Heart Depths (4 Pieces).
Artifacts Priority Order: Sand of Time (ATK %), Chalice of Eráthema (Damage Hydro), and Tiara of Logos (Critical Damage or Critical Rate).
Secondary stats of Artifacts: ATK %, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Elemental Proficiency, and Energy Cooldown.
Mona’s teammates should help activate her abilities. For this reason, we recommend Bennett, Sucrose, Fischl, Kaeya, Rosaria, Diona, and Kazuha as potential composition allies to enable Mona’s damage during combat.

Hydro Support Build
Alongside Cryo or Pyro DPS characters, Mona can create elemental reactions and significantly increase the damage points of her teammates with her abilities. As hydro support, Mona manages to increase the damage to her teammate’s thanks to her ultimate, which increases damage taken from enemies for a period and applies the wet condition to everyone. Check out the recommended artifacts and weapons for this build below:
Recommended weapons: Symphony of the Sloths (Critical Damage) or Extraordinary Tales of Dragonseekers (ATK % when switching characters).
Artifacts: Seal of Insulation (4 pieces) or Ancient Royal Ritual (4 essays).
Artifacts Priority Order: Sand of Time (Energy Recharge), Chalice of Eráthema (Hydro Damage), and Tiara of Logos (Critical Damage).
Secondary stats of Artifacts: ATK %, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and Energy Cooldown.
In this role, Mona needs characters who can benefit from her abilities. Therefore, we recommend fighters like Ganyu, Ayaka, Venti, Kaeya, Rosaria, Klee, Diona, Bennett, and Sucrose.