Dislyte is the new game from Lilith Games on iOS and Android, and the latter is quite good, but there are still some annoying bugs like infinite loading. Did you know there is a solution? We talk about it in this news.

Bugs in video games can be funny or helpful to some, but most are annoying to gamers. In Lilith Games’ latest turn-based RPG, Dislyte, some cause problems for players, such as the infinite charge.

Dislyte: The Infinite Load Bug
If you play, it’s a safe bet that you’ve already encountered this error. This problem occurs on any device. Whether you’re on an emulator (Bluestack 5, Memu, Nox, or other) or an Android or iOS smartphone, you won’t get away. Where is this? It’s pretty simple as it takes place when you start a duel. Usually, it begins after a few seconds when you start a fight. The jellyfish representing the cargo remains on your screen when the error occurs, and the level does not start. It stays charging indefinitely.

Dislyte: The Solution to Overcome the Infinite Loading Nightmare
Usually, you could pass it by deactivating your internet connection to be able to relaunch the attempt, but in this specific case, this is not the case. However, a workaround is viable until the developers fix it directly through a patch. This solution is temporary as it won’t prevent you from having it again later, but at least you can afford to play again afterward.

To get out of the infinite load, you will have to follow the following steps:

Exit the game by closing the application
restart the game
Once in the game, do not restart the same level
The last step is to start a fight in another game mode
And that’s it, and you should generally be able to resume your progress typically after following these steps. Note that this technique can also work if the relic upgrade menu freezes on you.

If you are new to Dislyte, don’t hesitate to check out our list of guides that will allow you to start your adventure in this new RPG, available for free on mobile. There you will also find the various viable codes to take advantage of the free offers offered by this title.