But now we have news about the future. After superheroes, the next big trend in series and movies is video games. Sony and PlayStation are in full expansion in audiovisual entertainment with their exclusive titles, as evidenced by projects that have already been released, such as the Uncharted movie, and others in the middle of filming, such as The Last of Us.

There were many rumors, but they have not been confirmed until now. According to Sony, we will have three new series based on PlayStation’s intellectual properties. Kratos will appear in a God of War series, Aloy in another Horizon series, and Gran Turismo will have a show about motorsports. Everything is so advanced that we even know some of the platforms they will be broadcast on.

Aloy and Kratos will have a series.
As has emerged from a question and answer with Jim Ryan, one of the key faces in PlayStation, the existence of these three projects has been officially confirmed. This complements the latest presentation from Sony Pictures, revealing critical information such as where to watch these series. God of War would be from Amazon Prime Video, Horizon from Netflix, and Gran Turismo does not yet have an official platform.

Of course, the series would be at a reasonably embryonic point because we do not know anything about the casting or their plots. In this way, the headline of the information would be nothing more than the confirmation of some rumors that have been swarming through Hollywood for some time and the official platforms on which these projects could be seen.

Video games in the audiovisual sector
Sony is not the only one entering this sector with its IP coming from video games. The Halo series is in full swing, but we already have solid hits like The Witcher (originally a book series) and Riot Games’ Arcane. Nintendo is working on a film about Mario in terms of movies, while Detective Pikachu was a success compared to previous productions based on video games. And Sonic is already on his second movie.