Playing The Cycle Frontier, the players will soon understand how important it is for them to earn fractional glasses and what role they play in raising the level in the game. The Crush Hazard quest in The Cycle: Frontier is one of many opportunities that players can use to get FP along with other awards. It is mainly based on the Cresscent Falls map and requires a very simple task.

The next leadership will lead you through the Crush Hazard quest and discuss the tips and recommendations for its effective implementation.

Cycle: Quest Frontier Crush Hazard

Of all the quest lines in The Cycle: Frontier Crush Hazard, the shortest quest that players will have to perform, and only one part with a simple battle with the boss is required. This quest will be given to you Vadim Tanaev, head of the Operations Department Korolev on Fortun III. ****

In one and only part of this quest there is a small goal that requires you to hunt for one twist. In the game dialogue, the circus are described as giants that are very effective in the destruction of things, and they often visit the laser drill.

One of the researchers also expresses its concern about these giants and clarifies that they are an irresistible force that can easily destroy mining platforms. Therefore, now you must prevent them from destroying the platforms and restore calm in this area.

To find a twist, you just need to get to the crescent waterfall and explore different places to find a twist. There are about seven places where they can appear, including; Pinnakl Labs near and inside Space port warehouse near Favel, near falling tree nearby, near Green Prospect and also observation deck of skeleton .


In The Cycle: Frontier there is no fixed location of these circus; Therefore, we recommend that you visit these places several times to get one and call the battle.

Although the Crush Hazard quest is small and simple, the battle with the boss can be a little complicated, since Crushers are huge and can cause you trouble during the battle. We recommend that you use your best weapons and equipment to fight them. Their main combat strategy is to literally crush the enemy, so remember this and run to avoid a blow.

Be very mobile on the ground to confuse it, constantly shooting a twist. As soon as the health supply is exhausted and you will defeat the twist, Voel! You completed the quest.


After the end of part 1 of the Crush Hazard task, you will receive:

  • 600 FP
  • 1 hammer (final award)
  • x214 Korolev script
  • x20000 Crypto marks