Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo Wook) announced on the 18th that it opens the second anniversary update of ‘A3: Steel Live’ ‘A3: Steel Live’.

First, in advance registration pages (, users who participated in pre-registration ( presents a second anniversary coupon to get a ‘legendary shoe selection box’. After using the coupon since the update, you can choose from the eggs of the legend, the egg, the legendary furel, the sole, the Touchaz, Iga, Fijia, and Ures, and the compensation can be obtained.

We also disclosed the second anniversary and key updates to be held since March. Through the 2nd anniversary update, we will show new soul and siege-related content, including 2-dimensional gallery season 3.

There was also a variety of events that have been conducted since the second anniversary update. First, the ‘Limited Soul Allener’ that can be obtained at the 2nd anniversary cake shop appears. In addition, we will hold an event that offers 11 free acquisition opportunities every day, and even for 7 days, it will hold a ‘8-star Shinhwa Soul Star Select Box’ Payment Event.

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In addition, for the use of the 7-day attendance event, we pay a variety of compensation, including Galaxy Z flip 3 and Galaxy Burj Pro through lottery. Also, hot-time and ranking events will also proceed to new servers only.

For more information on ‘A3: Steel Live’ and this event, see the official forum.